The Wisdom of Reflection

  By Dr. Ted Msipa


Let’s leave the comfort zone

Monthly Greetings to you, my leader. I salute the leader in you. As I also welcome you to the brand-new month of July. May you keep growing and becoming a sign and a wonder to your generation, with each passing day. May I also remind you that this is the seventh month of the year, this means we technically are left with effectively four months to make a difference in our lives before the year ends. You may be wondering why I am saying four, the practical reality is that the last month of the year people hardly produce anything due to the spirit of the festivities.

I here to serve

I am fully persuaded that I was born to add value to others and make a difference to humanity. My obsession is seeing you becoming better and realizing your leadership potential. So, l need to ask you some questions. Wisdom is usually reflected in the questions we choose to ask. I desire to ask you some simple yet insightful leadership questions so that the leader in you may come to the party. Its not too late to reflect with a view to having a paradigm shift.

Grow Yourself

How are you investing in your leadership potential, what books audios and videos are you accessing? Who is your leadership Coach? May I submit to you that you lead on the basis of the information at your disposal. The more the quality of information you have, the higher the quality of your decisions.

Motive will sustain you

What is your true motive in leadership? Do you really love the people you lead or is it about feeding your ego. Your motive has a way of catching up with you. If you are driven by superficiality, one day you will crumble like a deck of cards.

How Much fire do you carry?

As a leader are you passionate enough about leadership? Do you have enough fire to weather the storm of criticism? Can you still lead when there are no benefits? How much passion is fueling your leadership tank. Can you truly stand the heat, when it runs wild?

Who sits on your table?

Now that you are a leader, who do you relate with. What are your key relationships? Who is your inner circle? Why are they there? The people who build you and the people who destroy you have one thing in common, they need access or proximity to you and you information. You do well to identify both.

What is your niche

It is important as a leader to know your niche? What is the best contribution strength you have as a leader? You add the most value in your niche. Therefore, your niche should provide your leadership fortress. So, stop encroaching in other peoples’ lanes. Encroaching in other athletes’ tracks will cause you to be disqualified.  Run your own race.

Mind Your Thoughts

What thoughts do you have as a leader? The single most powerful tool you carry is your mind. The scripture submits that as a man thinks in his heart, he is exactly that. Are you a petty or a big picture thinker? Leaders are defined by their mindset. You must win the battle of the mind in order to win the battles of life.

Value gives you an important seat

Do those around you perceive you as a producer or a consumer. What knowledge do you bring to the table? Remember the tables of important people do not have empty seats, however your gift will create room for you. Do you add value to others? Or are you the one being spoon fed? This will certainly shape your leadership matrix.

Ask the right questions

Allow me to be a bit cruel in order to be kind, as a leader you ought to know that you are only as good as the questions you ask. Your level of intelligence is closely linked to your questions. Maybe it’s about time you start asking the right questions and prove that wisdom indeed did not skip a generation. Those questions should be directed to yourself. Charity has to begin at home but should not end there.

May  you excel in leadership

Jesus Christ is the Ultimate leader. You are welcome to learn from Him. He leads with empathy and effectiveness. Rise Africa, rise. It is time to get to the top and become the topic.

All the best, next Level is the only level. I see you rising to conquer. I wish you well on your leadership journey. Remember history was written by men and women just like you.