The compiled information for all the July month important days can be found below.

01 July is observed as National Doctors Day to recognise the nation’s medical professionals and honour their humane care for the nation’s patients. This day is honored to commemorate Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, a renowned doctor and the second chief minister of West Bengal. The Bharat Ratna, the highest civilian accolade, was also given to him.

: On 1 July, the cooperative movement will celebrate the 2023 International Day of Cooperatives. United by the slogan Cooperatives for sustainable development, we will show how the cooperative way of working, inspired by the cooperative values and principles, has the accomplishment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as part of its DNA.

GST Day : This day is observed on July 1 to recognise the significance of the new GST system in India. Goods and Service Tax is referred to as GST. It is an indirect tax applied to providing goods and services in India. A thorough, multistage, destination-based tax. It is thorough because it has absorbed nearly all indirect taxes except a few state taxes. 

National Postal Worker Day is observed annually on July 1 to honour and express gratitude to all the men and women who tirelessly and consistently deliver all of our mail and deliveries. 

Every year on July 1, India observes Chartered Accountants Day to honour the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) recommendations to Parliament in 1949. This year, the 73rd Chartered Accountants Day will commemorated by India’s exclusive licencing and regulatory body for the financial audit and accounting profession. With around 250,000 members, ICAI is regarded as the second-largest accounting association in the world. 

On July 1National US Postage Stamp Day held to honour the postal stamp, which made it incredibly easy to send and receive mail. This day also a time to honour all philatelists and their contributions.

On July 1, a legal holiday observed in observance of Canada Day. Canada, a federation made up of the old British North American provinces, founded on this day in 1867. The most prominent national holiday of the year, along with fireworks, Canada Day.  World UFO Day: The second Saturday in July recognised as World UFO Day. UFO researcher Haktan Akdogan started it. The first World UFO Day marked in 2001 to people to look up into the sky in search of mysterious flying objects.

July 4 recognised as American Independence Day and has a federal holiday in the US since 1941. This year’s national holiday July 4, which falls on a Monday. Fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, family reunions, political speeches, ceremonies, and numerous other public and private events honouring the heritage often linked with Independence Day.

World Population Day: The goal of this day is to increase public awareness of population-related concerns and problems worldwide. Since it established by the United Nations Development Programme’s governing council in 1989, this Day usually observed on July 11.

World Youth Skills Day is a global celebration that takes place on July 15 each year. The UN General Assembly established it in November 2014 to draw attention to the value of funding youth skill development.World Young Skills Day, observed annually on July 15, aims to raise awareness of the value of youth skill development for greater job possibilities. Every year, a different topic chosen to commemorate this day.

World Day for International Justice also known as the Day of International Criminal Justice or International Justice Day, observed on July 17 worldwide. On this day, numerous activities planned to advance global criminal justice.

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July 17 this day celebrates the birth of King Letsie III, who was born on this day in 1963. It is a public holiday in Lesotho, observed on July 17th each year. This monarchy — like so many others around the world — is mostly a symbolic one, however, and the royal family can only exercise minimal actual authority. This year the king will be 60 years and the celebration is to be made at the Setsoto Stadium where Basotho are expected to gather in numbers.

Every year on July 18 Nelson Mandela International Day, or simply Mandela Day,  is observed around the world.

National Thermal Engineers Day is on July 24. The purpose of this holiday is to recognise thermal engineers everywhere. Knowing what our thermal engineers have done and are doing to lower the Earth’s extreme heat on this day is helpful.

National Refreshment Day is on July 25. On the hottest day of the year, when this holiday observed, many individuals would not able to survive without a drink. People used to send refreshments to the needy or the destitute on this day.

World Hepatitis Day: Every year on July 28, the world celebrates World Hepatitis Day to raise awareness of the hepatitis virus and promote vaccination against its diseases. The day established in 2008 by the World Health Organization. Before 2010, it scheduled to marked on May 19, but the World Health Assembly decided to celebrate it on July 28 in honour of Dr. Baruch Samuel Blumberg, who discovered hepatitis B.

International Tiger Day At the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit in 2010, the idea for International Tiger Day, which observed on July 29 to support tiger conservation, first presented. Increasing public support for tiger conservation initiatives and raising awareness is the day’s main objectives.