In celebration of 10 years of service

By Thandiwe Kubere

MASERU – Celebrating 10 years of Ecosure in service, Econet Telecom Lesotho has yesterday given back to the community of Semonkong by donating to Semonkong Children Centre.

Semonkong Children Centre is a located in Ha Mateketa, Semonkong. In an effort to portray that blessed is the hand that gives, Econet Ecosure, with its subsidiary, Sasai Financial Services signified the act of charity by helping children in need with basic needs including food parcels, soap, gas and other essential needs.

Opening the event, Sasai General Manager, Ms. Matikoe Letsie declared that they as ETL deemed it essential to give back to the community in celebrating 10 years of being Ecosure service providers in Lesotho and therefore decided to donate to the child care center. The center gives care to 24 children from the age of 2 to 20. The children are not from Semonkong only but are from all over the country who are brought with a court order by the Ministry of Social Development due to different issues. Some are orphans and some were taken in for safety. Due to others having gone through traumatic experiences, the center offers them counseling and therapy so that they are not only taken care of physically but emotionally and mentally as well.

The total cost incurred for the donations is M30 000 which is inspired by the policy which offers M30 000.

The Public Relations Manager of ETL Ms. Mathabo Masoabi declared that Semonkong child center was selected out of all the other child centers and orphanages because it is remote and usually cold, especially in this season, it is not too far to travel and the company therefore decided to donate 25 blankets so that the children can be warm and not be adversely affected by this season.

Ms. Marethabile Mahopolo, “We are very grateful to Ecosure for deciding to celebrate this day with us. This shows how much the value this children that they decided to travel in the cold and come to Semonkong. This feels like an answered prayer because they came with exactly what we needed. She further clarified that this type of support and act of generosity means a lot because raising a child is not easy.”

“This support encourages us because it tend to get really heavy. People tend to get surprised that we take care of these children until they are 20. There still are some 30 year olds who are fed and taken care of their families and we cannot just push these children out because they are above 20 yet they still have not found themselves. That would only mean we are adding to the circle of poverty. We make sure that they leave when they can sustain themselves,” she added.