By Kananelo Ndunduzela


– Thabiso Brown, the 27 years old Lesotho international striker has signed with the Chinese first division club Dandong Tengyue Football Club after he left the Bolivian premier league team Aurora FC.

Brown confirmed he will be playing in china for a period of one season as he has signed a one year contract with the Chinese team. He says he had hoped to get the Bolivian citizenship in order to not be regarded as a foreign player. “One of the reasons why I did not want to play as a foreigner is because every team is allowed to only register only six foreigners in its squad and at the matches only four foreigners are allowed to play, they can interexchange during the game. So if ever I was able to obtain the citizenship in Bolivia it would mean I play in a lot of matches and are not limited like foreigners are”, stated Brown. However things did not turn out as he had hoped so he took a decision to leave the club. Apparently the citizenship was problematic due to problems encountered with the Lesotho embassy in the United States of America in translating his birth certificate from English to Spanish. He is now playing for another team in China.

He does not intend on coming back to Lesotho any time soon. His aim is to not return home anytime soon .His reasons being that some of the leagues in the country lack professionalism, also playing abroad has always been his dream which makes him one of the lucky few who gets to make his dreams come true

The former Kick4Life football striker said he had played for the team (Kick4Life) for about three to four years, he gave the team his all and regrets nothing but for now   he wants to explore his option and broaden his future prospects. From Kick4Life he went straight to play for one of the Southern America teams until on the first of May when he got an offer from China.

Leslie Notsi, the Kick4Life FC Coach said he is not surprised that Brown is playing in China as he had always wanted to play abroad and that his strength is in pursuing his trade abroad.

“Thabiso was a dedicated and disciplined team player. I can say he is a professional player as he has always demonstrated the qualities of someone who wanted more, to succeed in his football career”,  Notsi said.

When advising young and upcoming footballers, Brown said study hard, put in the work to attain all your dreams. He states that “Everything seems impossible until you do it”.