The Prototype of a Winner

Introduction to a winning mindset

The innate desire and ability to win, of each individual is an amazing feat, within each person lies the force that keeps them up at night, while others rest and hope for a better tomorrow. This ability to set aside pleasure and pursue greatness. This is what separates those who win and those who fail to learn from their results. Attaining this ability to rise above the currents and soar into the clouds like a plane avoiding turbulence, we must first attain the right mindset and attitude towards victory. You are certainly wired for victory. It is a hidden truth that you were born to excel. It does not matter how people console you, you are simply inconsolable when you lose. The reason why you are like that is because you carry the DNA of champions. You are coming from a blood line of champions. Man and woman who have defied time and stood tall when all things around them crumble. One such amazing character is the biblical character David, he was a renowned King and conqueror.

Establish Your Character

David is primarily introduced in the book of first Samuel chapter 17 when he engages in a winner takes all battle with Goliath of Gath. This victory marks the rise and establishment of David and the demise of Goliath. Years later he conquered Jerusalem, which he made Israel’s political and religious Centre. He defeated the Philistines so thoroughly that they never seriously threatened the Israelites’ security again, and he annexed the coastal region. After going through the character of David I understand the major obstacles he had to overcome in order to land the crown of King. His battles were always more than one at a time, which I’m sure we can all relate to, being anointed at such an early age, his family doubting him, the king that promised him glory is now hunting him and to top it off the Philistines hadn’t given up on war. As I review the obstacles of David, I hope to provoke you to victory as you learn from an amazing giant killer.

War from Household

As David embarks on his journey to the top, his heart is clear, there is a God size dream in his heart. He wants to be a defender of justice and an upholder of what is good. His brothers are already battle hardened warriors. They know the ins and outs of war. They have so many battle scars from over the years. So the moment David decides to join battle they mock him and criticize him as a troublesome young man whose heart is puffed up and full of mischief. This is exactly what has happened to so many who shared their vision with their family. The family members mocked them or treated them with disdain. David like a true visionary did not allow the voice of mockery to stop him. Instead he stood his ground and stated that there was a justifiable cause for him to join the army since they were under siege from Goliath, so it was a national cause. David was able to establish the nation of Israel through the ability God had given him and his submission to following Gods ways and acknowledging his flaws as a human being.

Mockery Turns into Jealousy

Soon those who mock you will begin to turn green with envy as you take a giant step of faith to face your giants. The reason they will be jealous is because they are afraid that you may succeed where they failed. However, David continues with his battle plan and eventually faced Goliath in the battle of death. David’s great success as a warrior and empire builder was marred by interconnected family dissensions and political revolts.  

The voice of isolation

David gets ready for battle and suddenly he takes the long walk to face Goliath. The voices of loneliness begin to question his wisdom. These are demonic voices of inferiority complex which were desperate to sink him under their voices. But David refused to break his focus.

The Voice of Godly Successes

As he is approaching Goliath, David knows that he is not a pushover because he is a secret battle warrior having fought the bear and the lion. Although David is young he realizes that his God is bigger than Goliath, so enters battle on the battle front of faith with an invisible God who has delivered him from many battles.

He decides to use the technique of speed and catches Goliath by surprise. Before the battle begins, it is already over as David has overcome Goliath. A new hero is born and is soon the talk of the community. He next conquered the Jebusite (Canaanite) stronghold of Jerusalem, which he made the capital of the new United Kingdom. He selected this city as his new capital because it was a neutral site and neither the northerners nor the southerners would be averse to the selection.

Key Take Aways

David just demonstrated to us the power of a vision. Men with a vision refuse to be distracted, they will always choose to focus on the big picture. They understand that when people including their own family rejects them God is still with them. They allow the big picture to remain as the big picture. They also know that life will shake them up to see if they are willing to die for what they believe in. Visionaries are people of uncompromised conviction and values.

Leaders are willing to persist with something until a favourable response is established. They fully understand that delay is never the same as denial. They are fully aware that a man is not measured by the size of his wallet but the bigness of their heart. David had a big heart, a heart full of faith in the abilities and enabling graces of God.

Winners carry the attitude of faith which cannot be denied. They understand that when faith is available any door can be opened. They understand that even God operates in the domain of faith. He is a speaking spirit and so they speak the victory over Goliath before it manifests.


May the spirit of faith in you rise to conquer. Do not allow the spirit of fear to hinder your God given potential. May your faith rise like a colossus. May your conviction be as steadfast as the rock of Gibraltar. Work on your faithfulness until your faith becomes an unshakeable rock.  You are destined to make history. Your story is written in the sky. Arise and lead, your time has come.

Dr. Ted Msipa is a Certified Business & Leadership Coach, Marriage and Relationships Master Mentor, Published Author and Pastor.