I do not agree with the Chinese business models but l have lots of respect for their success as global entrepreneurial innovators. The Chinese are also well known for their great proverbs. My favourite Chinese saying goes, thus, “The guy who said it cannot be done was suddenly interrupted by the guy who just did it.”  The Chinese were not a force a few decades ago but they have become the most dominant business and economic force in our contemporary society. Statistics even show that they now have more American dollars than the Americans themselves. No wonder others now affectionately call them the Asian Tigers. They have turned on the heat and established themselves as the most dominant economic force on the globe. Like them or hate them, but they are here to stay. This is why we ought to accord them a measure of respect.

You are a diamond mine

It is amazing to see the amount of potential God has invested in people. Most people are highly endowed with great gifting’s and talents. Sadly, they never spend a second tapping into their talents. They spend most of their times lamenting of what opportunities they were not afforded. They do not even realize that they are moving gold and diamond minds. Some of them spend a life time working in thankless jobs which never add value to them. They are so divorced from their true identity hence they are surrendered to a life of defeat and timidity. They have allowed their environment to define them and label them as failures. They have left their fate in the hands of Morpheus.

Purposelessness is death

The greatest tragedy, contrary to public opinion is not when you die. It is in my opinion when you are alive and you are clueless as to why are you alive. Sadly, in my short life I have seen so many people who think they exist to eat soft porridge and fat cakes. Their lives are hollow and meaningless. There is nothing as terrible in life than living a purposeless life. You go through the motions without even understanding it. I believe that every human being owes it to self and others to establish their purpose. There are two important days in every person’s life, the day they are born and the day they discover why. Why is a question of both purpose and destiny? Most people who excel do so on the premise of understanding and fulfilling their purpose. Your purpose is the primary reason why you were born. Failure to establish it means that you failed. A lot of people do not want to hear this. They cannot stomach the bitter truth, they rather avoid it than face it.

Purpose Validates Our lives

Discovering your purpose will make you an unstoppable juggernaut.  History is full of people who discovered their purpose and became history makers. One person who found out who she is famous gospel songbird, Nigerian Sinach Joseph. She even sang a song titled I know who I am. Understanding her purpose made her one of the few world class artistes who have attracted one hundred million likes on you tube. It may interest you to know that once you reach a million likes on that social medial will get you paid a million American dollars. You can only imagine how much she earned for the monster hit Way Maker?

Others have done it

Maria Sharapova left Russia at the age of seven and went to America. After ten years, she achieved her dream of becoming a Wimbledon Champion in 2004.     As a teenager she embarrassed Serena Williams. In 2005 she became the world number 1 tennis female player. She has gone on to win five grand slams and 36 singles titles and in the process making career earnings of thirty-eight million American dollars.   When Sharapova understood her purpose she fulfilled her call in life.

The world has for a long time believed that no man can run a marathon below two hours but a Kenyan brother Eliud Kipchoge has broken that barrier. History books have been torn to shreds.   Kipchoge completed 26.2 miles in one hour fifty nine minutes and forty seconds. He made the impossible to become a reality. But the first thing he understood is that impossibility is a possibility.   

Mike Tyson grew up loving Muhamad Ali, he saw Larry Holmes decimate Ali and decided that one day he will avenge his hero’s defeat. He came good on his word as he boxed Holmes into a pulp. A man on a mission had emerged, Tyson went for over thirty-nine matches without defeat and cemented his legacy as a boxing icon. It all started as a purpose fueled dream.     

Now its Your Turn                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

There is a giant purpose and dream inside of you .Do not allow it to die .Get ready to happen. Your time is now. You are born to win. Let your journey to the promised land begin now. On your marks, Get Set, Ready and Go. Next level is a reality. Next level is here. It is within touching distance. You have what it takes to succeed. Christ is your pillar and anchor. Let him shine through you.

Dr. Ted Msipa is a Pastor, Marriage Master Mentor, Business Strategist, Executive Coach leading authority in Strategic Leadership and a leading voice in personal development in Africa.