By Itumeleng Lipala


Ntholi Thatho, a 30 year-old Mosotho man is the founder and managing director of the Inkcredible Studio Lesotho, not only that but also one of the Finite Magazine Lifestyle Club partners. Inkcredible Studio Lesotho is a Tattoo & Piercing parlor located in Maseru, Kingsway RD, Metcash complex room 129 and it has three core services; tattooing, tattoo removal and piercings. The business was incorporated in May 2021 but it started operating in 2016.  The young, then unemployed Thatho ventured into business in 2015 shortly graduating.

Thatho explained that their partnership with Finite Magazine Lifestyle Club was made official earlier in the year. They have chosen to partner with this company because it is reputable brand which impacts lives positively hence they love their brand to be associated with. It is also a brand that essentially adds value to society through its products, services and initiative. The first and most acknowledged benefit they receive from partnering with Finite Magazine is that their hand has now been extended, they have access to members of the Finite lifestyle club at their reach, and they also acquired advertising space through multiple Bam group platforms. They give in return a 5% discount to the Finite lifestyle club members.  

He sensitizes as well as urges other businesses who were not aware of this prestigious business opportunity to jump on board as soon as they can so that they may also reap the benefits of the partnership like he already is. Thato’s business venture managed to fill the gap in the market of a professional tattoo services as a channel of expression and the love of body art. Some people make tattoos to hide the unwanted scars on their bodies while others make them to enhance their body features and bring out some element of uniqueness.

“The youth, Basotho and the general local and international public needed a safe and professional tattoo service in Lesotho which was evidently non-existent inland at the time. This is where Inkcredible Studio Lesotho PTY (LTD) sprung from,” he added.

Their long term goal is to have a platform that will help build a safe and professional industry which in turn will create infinite opportunities of employment, channels of expression, positively impact the country’s economy and improve other people’s livelihoods in the process. The business’s target market is legal and responsible individuals who are passionate about expressing themselves through body art.

There is a number of milestones achieved since the business started operating is 2016 and those would be; creating employment and work place for numerous Basotho, training for other young artists who have ventured similar fields as theirs; What makes your business different from the rest? Thatho answers, “Right off the bat, our skill level sets us apart from the crowd, followed by the latest technological advancements in store, high quality products coupled with incredible customer service and hygiene work space. This combination keeps our customers coming back for more services because they have noticed that we value their personal safety, financial consideration in terms of pricing and their interest in this delicate art form of body modification.”

It is no news that Lesotho imports almost every raw material and finished products from the neighbouring countries, therefore, this business is no exception to this reality. I get my raw supplies international with the assistance from local logistics companies to facilitate the importation process. Thatho believes that what they have done and continues to do impact positively in the livelihoods of many Basotho and Lesotho as a whole. They are committed to addressing the socioeconomic challenges faced by the youth and the nation at large. They also urge more Basotho, especially the youth to identify the challenges they all face and commit to making a positive impact and improvement.

Finite Lifestyle club offers a range of benefits to its members, these includes; a free copy of Finite Magazine, discounted tickets of Finite Magazine events, discounts at business partners outlets, exclusive invitation to Finite Magazine empowerment sessions, free and discounted vouchers and coupons of all sorts. They also provide free family funeral cover of up to M250 000 cash. Funeral covers differ according to the monthly subscription which one chooses, they range from M100 – M220. They offer airtime to the moaning family and a funeral notice in the Informative newspaper.