By Itumeleng Lipala


Eight years ago Nthabiseng Mphana ventured in the beauty industry – founded a business now known as Bountiful Health and Beauty spa. Mphana, however back then she was not fully registered, her business only got registered six year later.

Due to the instabilities she was experiencing, she mentions she struggled to juggle the multiple services her business offered on her own. She needed the manpower to help her with her daily operations, however at the time she lacked the financial muscles to recruit. Her business offered services like; massages, facial treatments and foot detox. At some stage she went into partnership trying to take the load off her shoulders, the partnership was unsuccessful and she was back on her own yet again.

Today, Bountiful Health and Beauty Spa is the main distributor and brand ambassador for Havillah Beauty Products; a highly reputable beauty, cosmetic and personal care product range. The business has thus far employed four full time employees and another four part-time employees who come during the weekends and holidays to accommodate the rush. The business has expanded and increased the services it offers, which are now; three types of massages, facials and detox, make up services, sonar, slimming programs, gel and acrylic manicure as well as pedicure.

Mphana has recruited over 100 women who sell under her name in the Havillah network marketing business. Mphana believes that the Spa business provides people alternative solutions to their health problems without having to expose their bodies to harmful chemicals which damage some organs while curing some illnesses. “Massages relieve tension, to alleviate pain and to detox the body”, she stated.

“When you have a headache and came for reflexology, we massage underneath your feet where the nerves are and the headache will fade away, instead of having to buy and ingesting tablets in the body and possibly expose it to more harm if consumed on a regular,” she stated.

At the spa they also treat migraines and arthritis. They have had clients who came to them unable to walk due to arthritis but by the time they left the spa they had been treated. Bountiful Health and Beauty also offers training to people who may be interested in venturing in a business similar to theirs. As a matter of fact, a number of women enrolled and completed their training with them, some obtained employment from other spas while others are running their own successful empires. It gives Mphana such joy to empower and depart the knowledge and skills she has to other women.

The spa works strictly on appointment basis and their target market is families; “the business is family oriented and the customized packages are intended to attract families”, said Mphana. They have created an environment suitable to accommodate wives and husbands alike; through couple’s massages. The prices range from the packages selected and the services composed in those packages. The spa uses customized quality furniture in its massage rooms.  Most of the products they use for their services are ordered online and some bought locally, for their branding they support and hire local designers to do the work.