By ‘Muso Nkhasi


Tisitano is an online and local buy and sell marketplace app which allows interaction and exchange of goods and services between entrepreneurs, farmers and customers alike.

Tisitano was created by a group of friends in seven countries, Lesotho, Eswatini,Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Tanzania.

This robust and well developed app has assisted numerous business owners financially.

Tisitano believes that individuals and all businesses, small and large, should have an equal opportunity to benefit from using the internet and grow their businesses. It helps them reach a larger audience than they normally would, virtually.  Everyone is permitted to showcase  their products on Tisitano  free of charge and have an Online presence.

Buyers also benefit from the variety of available products at more affordable prices.

People use Tisitano to buy and sell clothes, cars, digital devices, furniture, property, land, livestock, and many other items. You can find all kinds of goods and services on Tisitano.

 Tisitano app is very user friendly and very easy to join, very few steps to follow. Everyone, including farmers, can own an online shop for free, buy the goods they want, and receive the needed services.

Installing Tisitano gives you access to hundreds of products and services, making it easy to compare prices of similar items, contact the sellers directly from the app, and inquire about anything and everything.

There is no limit for businesses with the help of technology, all barriers to trade are open. Small, large, new, and old businesses and products can be advertised on Tisitano. Everyone can benefit from this rich and well-developed platform. There are more than 12 000 Lesotho users on Tisitano.

To guarantee the safety of both buyers and sellers, Tisitano monitors the products and users closely. Creating a safe space for trade for its users is their top priority. Trust is their most valued principle.

Tisitano’s primary goal is to see that everyone has the chance to buy and sell quickly and advertise for free.

 They are working hard to make it possible for local businesses, women, large businesses, local businesses, and individuals to reach out to more people and increase their sales.

To make it easier for everyone with no business background, we have a fixed template for advertising. Sellers and business owners can use this template to advertise. An advantage they give to their users is that the template they provide can be utilised and shared on other platforms other than Tisitano.