The main teaching is done through TEE books. This is a curriculum of 22 books, which cover the entire Bible and several topics relevant to pastoral ministry (see the chart).

The Course of Study

The LTEE Programme consists of 22 Books covering the following Topics

  1. Following Jesus
  2. Shepherd and His Work
  3. Talking with God
  4. Foundations of Faith
  5. The Life of Christ (2 books)
  6. Christian Family Living
  7. Looking at the New Testament (3 books)
  8. Romans
  9. Bringing People to Jesus
  10. Seven Letters to all Churches
  11. Looking at the Old Testament
  12. Acts (2 books)
  13. Genesis (2 books)
  14. Powerful Bible Teaching
  15. A Discipleship Course
  16. A course on being a Pastor
  17. A Course on Prayer
  18. A Basic Bible Theology
  19. A Detailed Study of the 4 Gospels
  20. A survey of the New Testament Books
  21. Practical application of Christianity to Daily Life
  22. A Detailed study of the Epistle of Paul to the Romans
  23. A Course on Evangelism
  24. A Detailed Study of the general Epistles
  25. A Survey of the Old Testament Books
  26. A detailed Study of the acts of the Apostles
  27. A Detailed study of the book of Genesis
  28. A course on how to Preach

All of the books are written in Sesotho and LTEE students study them on their own time, in their own homes, as they continue with their ministries.

A second part of LTEE is the WhatsApp group discussions. This element allows time for students to raise questions from their books to be discussed as a group, and it offers the opportunity to supplement the written material with other topics of study.

Each TEE book is divided into ten weeks of study material.

After these ten weeks (or about once per quarter), the TEE group will gather for a weekend conference/seminar to write their exams, formally completing their books.

 Finally, every TEE student (whether they are pastors or not) is expected to have a personal ministry, where they serve their church by using the training they are receiving.

While TEE is designed for pastors and church leaders, it is also opened to any believer who is interested in furthering their biblical understanding. This is why we desire all TEE students to find a ministry outlet, not only to accumulate knowledge (1 Cor. 8:1 – “KNOWLEDGE ALONE PUFFS UP, BUT LOVE BUILDS UP”)

All finances for the TEE program come from the students.

Finance Fees are subject to changes but for now they as follows:

Annual Registration Fee                                          M100.00                  X 2yrs duration     M200

TEE Books (22 X M120 each)                               M2640.00               X 0                                               M2640

Quarterly Weekend Seminar lunch                     M160.00 pp            X 4quarters X 2yrs                  M1280

Total Amount for the duration of 2 years (Excluding transport)               M4120

For slower pace (5 years period)

Annual Registration Fee                                          M100.00                  X 5 years                                    M500

TEE Books (22 XM120 each)                                M2640.00               X 0                                               M2640

Quarterly Weekend Seminar Lunch                    M160.00                  X 4quarters X 5yrs)                   M3200

Total Amount for the duration of 5 years (Excluding transport)               M6340

All TEE groups (so far) are interdenominational (curriculum teaches basic Bible doctrine). All TEE training has a discipleship focus (2 Tim 2:2).

All TEE graduates receive a certificate of completion from GEM (not accredited diploma).