By Limpho Rantletse

Botho University Maseru campus will hold its graduation ceremony on the 31st March 2023. The graduation ceremony will be held at Manthabiseng Convention Centre. Graduates are very excited for their big day and are ready to conquer the world with the knowledge and skills they obtained from the University.

One of the graduates Litlhare Tsuu from Ha Raleqheka Mpatane which is a rural areas in Maseru expressed her excitement with us. Tsuu said she had the best experience at Botho University, the environment was conducive for studying and the student support is amazing. She mentioned that during her study she faced a lot of problems, emotionally and physically which led to her not attending most of her classes. The management took the initiative and she got free counseling. The skills she obtained from the university are enough for her to face the challenges of the real world head on. She perceives life in a different way now, she is independent, has an open mind to thinks of multiple ways to conquer the surge of unemployment we are currently faced with as a country.

Tsuu studied Health Information Management (HIM) at Botho University. The skills she learnt from her studies will contribute positively to her community. During Covid-19 most people in Mpatane community were not up for vaccination. Litlhare convinced them by indicating to them the importance of the vaccine and how it will benefit them. Now that she is a graduate she plans to educate her community about health related matters and make sure they lack no information so that they can make informed decisions about their lives. Miss Litlhare plans to further her studies once she obtains a job. She also hopes to own a business in the future.

The other graduate who was studying Computing, Mr Molapo Molapo says now that he is done with school, he plans to help his community with computer studies. He wants to start a computer school for people who are computer illiterate.

The countdown has begun and graduates are busy preparing for their big day; the outfits, hairstyles and all beauty stunts one can do.” I am very excited because it was not an easy journey. I lost a mother and that made life a bit challenging afterwards however I strived to reach my goal, which was obtaining my Honours Degree” says Litlhare Tsuu.