Titled “How can Basotho move to the next level economically” this is a Sesotho written socioeconomic book that aims to give birth to a desired economic culture in our society, in this book I address a way of life that will help us to eventually be the citizens that can build the Lesotho we want.

 The book emanates from the concern of how we haven’t been intentional about designing our economic culture amongst our people down there, the government is largely focused on the macroeconomic activities. It is thereby neglecting  the need for economic cultural designs down there amongst the masses of our people, we need to groom the Lesotho that its people have a certain socioeconomic culture; the common feel and rhythm when it comes to dreaming, chasing goals, hunger for success, business aggression and smartness, resilience, never die spirit, big dreaming, collaboration, agribusiness love, commercial awareness, participation in ownership of big businesses,  better money management, better wealth builders, folks that can support one another in brotherhood, sisterhood and compatriotism.

This book also does away with toxic practices, habits and cultures that our people have engaged in that will hinder the progress of the Lesotho we want to build; laziness, bad attitude towards agriculture, poor ways of managing money, their absence in ownership of big businesses, instant gratification that makes us fail to build generational wealth, etc.

The Author of this book; Khotso William Mahonko is a passionate citizen about economic progress amongst our people in Lesotho, Khotso has a track record in the journey of economic emancipation amongst our people, sometimes succeeding and sometimes failing, it has been a journey of many challenges but he hasn’t given up in trying to drive our society to a desired economic position, Khotso is a certified psychologist and Economics major currently.