By: Mpho Shelile

In a world where women empowerment is both a pressing need and a fundamental right, initiatives like “Unleashing Womanhood” as an event serve as powerful catalysts for change.

Kotulo Kopo, CEO of Twenty-3 Events Company held a La féminité event at Kick4life on May 4th 2024, the event captures female empowerment as it ignites discussions that foster connections, and inspire action.

La féminité is an event where various types of women, “will gather together to unleash our femininity by liberally dressing up in a manner that most makes us feel as women.

“We are going to have fun as we learn skills and tricks on how to be our best beings and re-charge to be better daughters, sisters, mothers, and wives,” says Kopo.

The event commences with the stirring words of Mamothello Motsamai, a distinguished advocate for women’s rights and a compassionate nurse.

Her opening remarks set the tone for the day, as she passionately urges attendees to embrace the complexity of womanhood. “We often mask our struggles with a facade of wellness,” she observes, “but today, we acknowledge our true selves.”

Motsamai narrates having faced a number of challenges that include gender based violence (GBV), to become the woman she is today, therein revealing the most part of her love for nursing being the result of inspiration from the nurses who cared for her as she was admitted for health care services owing to that experience.

Throughout the day, attendees are immersed in a series of engaging panel discussions, workshops, and networking sessions.

Topics range from women in leadership and entrepreneurship to reproductive rights and gender-based violence. Experts from various fields share insights, strategies, and personal anecdotes, sparking meaningful dialogue and empowering attendees with knowledge and tools to drive change in their communities.

One of the event’s highlights is “the one of self-love” session facilitated by Mamotšelisi Manosa, a motivational speaker and TV presenter.

She also shares stories of resilience, courage, and triumph. Her tales of triumph over adversity, including a life-altering car accident, serve as a powerful reminder of the resilience that lies within each woman.

The event also provides mentorship programs to women on hygiene.

Attendees have access to a wide array of resources designed to equip them with the tools they need to thrive personally and professionally.

As the event draws to a close, there’s a substantial sense of empowerment and solidarity among participants.

Armed with new insights, connections, and a renewed sense of purpose, attendees leave inspired to continue the fight for gender equality and to unleash the full potential of womanhood in every aspect to be realized.

Motšelisi Mphole, a member of the Finite Lifestyle Club, says “the journey towards gender equality is ongoing, events like “Unleashing Womanhood” are beacons of hope and catalysts for change.”

She then commits to share the lessons she learned with her fellow villagers in Teya-Teyaneng who were not fortunate enough to attend.  

“By amplifying voices, driving dialogue, and fostering empowerment with gatherings like this we pave the way for a future where every woman can live, work, and thrive on her own terms, ”says Mphole. 

She concludes by stating that a journey forward is up to every woman to put all they have learned into action, but she knows that its impact will linger for years to come.

“Events like this are a call to action for every woman to embrace her power, and a reminder that together, we can forge a path towards a world where every woman thrives, unbound and unapologetic,” she says.