By ‘Muso Nkhasi

Forget Sunday babalaas and think of the African traditional Mogodu served on Mondays and for this you can thank the proprietors of three eateries – Kasi-Kota, Cuban Linx and Elibo Guest House.  

After realising how different entrepreneurs failed as businesses were collapsed by Covid-19 lockdown impacts, the triumvirate came up with Mogodu Monday idea with the purpose of reviving their business. The aim was to have people relax and spend time on Monday at their venues from 12pm till late.

Mpho Molefe, the general manager of Elibo, says Mogodu Monday is not only about entertainment but giving back to the community and providing traditional meals which they all don’t want to see fading.

Looking back at how great-grandmothers cooked Mogodu for families, Elibo wants guests not only to remember old times but look up to it as the embodiment of these great cooks while they prepare mogodu for diners.

She continues to say Mogodu Monday aims to keep traditional meals in existence after realising it was insignificant for other restaurants to provide such in the country. For this reason they found an advantage to cook Mogolu on Monday.

Showing that unity is strength, Ms Molefe explains they alternate with Kasi-Kota and Cuban Linx to serve the meal on Mondays consecutively.

“This event has helped us to give a hand to the community and reduce unemployment at Ha-Seoli as most of our employees are villagers here.

Mogodu is one of the favourite meals to many people and requires a lot of work for preparation and people are too busy to that. So when people knock off from work they find Mogodu ready to eat and rest for another day,” she explained.

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy their profits alone? Ask Elibo Guest House how they manage!

Elibo is not selfish to look to itself only. It looks for community surrounding it. Ms Molefe says they have a Give Back Tuesday event where cooked meals are provided to the orphanages and Ha-Seoli community from the proceeds made at prior events.

Ms Molefe says they consider Ha-Seoli villagers before anybody when giving back adding they are aware of the attention they have been giving to the guest house.

“Giving back to the community is a way to say thank you to them. They have been supportive to us in a long time. We are doing this out of love and freely. We prepare food and clothes, sometimes only t-shirts,” said Ms Molefe.

Elibo Guest House also offers beauty spa, accommodation and drinks.

Be aware that on Tuesday Elibo Guest House is open at 12pm as they are adapting from Mogolu Monday. Find Elibo Guest House at Ha-Seoli at the corner near Santon.