By Lefulesele Mahana and Kekeletso Mochesane

Itumeleng Mothobi, graduated from university 9 years ago with a degree in urban and regional planning. A qualified town planner at heart, she like all other graduates hopped from company to company submitting job applications in the formal sector with hope of being employed.  Little did she know that her determination to succeed and live large would lead her into marketing –  a career she never studied at school.  

“I am grateful for the life I have lived up to now, I probably would not be the person I am today, the future millionaire I am aspire to be. If you are a graduate from any field and like me you are not finding formal employment in your field of study, do not be shy to try out different things that may help you put bread on the table, network marketing is better than not working at all!” Mothobi indicated.

Mothobi was born and raised at Lithabaneng, Ha keiso, Maseru. Seeing that no job offers were coming her way, she decided to take seize opportunities presented. So early 2021 when she was invited to become a network marketer for Umgalalelo Africa, she did not hesitate despite having no marketing background.  It was a wake up call to change her life and realize her dreams.

The 31 year old says she joined Umgalalelo Africa, an online store which distributes skincare, hair care, health and wellness quality products made in Africa. She did well in product learning and selling became easy for her.

Being the only stockist in Lesotho, being her own boss, she managed her business with care learning on the job more processes. She took orders from customers sent them to the manufacturer, kept track of deliveries coming in her office from the supplier right until customers had collected. She was also recruiting new members to resell too.

Mothobi had since decided to win from the day she joined. Her large success was motivated by winning the sales and recruitment challenges therefore in her team she exceed targets. She first won a trip to South Africa which impressively amazed many. Later same year she won an iPhone. 

A Mosotho citizen who joined an African company just as a network marketer back then was happy when her hard work paid off. She came out top in a sales competition where several other marketers from African countries had taken part. Mothobi became Umgalelo Africa distributor, stockist, senior manager and a car winner.

On the 10th of January, she was handed over a brand new car by the company’s CEO.  Something she would have never had, if she had decided to wait for government job offers.  What followed her afterward was a competition to go on holiday in Dubai of which she claims was the toughest of all however she qualified and her VISA to Dubai was approved.

Mothobi has taken her work seriously as she now holds network marketing classes and up-skill people on money making skills so they too fight poverty.

“Irrespective of educational background, I will help you if you’re serious. Winning is the most special and inspiring part of the job in this type of business also making money in the comfort of my home,” she adds.

Itumeleng started her job two years ago but she has since relied on it for survival. With the products she sells she has helped a number of people solve their skin problems. So far, 40% of her customers have recovered from all kinds of skin problems.

At least 30% of her recruits are making a decent living out from their profits thus contributing 5% decrease of unemployed people. Itumeleng is continuously inspiring others to do more by celebrating her many victories on social media in an effort to be realized and acknowledged for changing her life while being self-employed.