By ‘Muso Nkhasi

Maseru traditional healers have affirmed the positive effects that traditional herbs and medicines could have on the country’s health sector and economy, if regulated and accepted by government.

Given the wide condemnation of traditional medicines, due to their unfounded origins and lack of clinical testing, government have continually shunned away from the professional implementation of them in the health sector, and have instead discouraged their uses in wide practices, due to their uncertification with regards to various uses in curing ailments.

In an exclusive interview with the Informative newspaper, a local traditional healer by the name of, but affectionately known as Dr Matsoai, articulated that traditional medicines were indeed vital in the up scaling of businesses in Lesotho. He said it is sad that government and other stake holders were discouraging the uses of these medicines, as they are very good in curing many ailments. He said government instead focused on citing all of the negatives impacts, which they claimed the medications had.

These traditional medicines he said are highly effective when used according to their instructions just like western medicines. He said people only need to respect them, by using them accordingly. He also said there was a stigma regarding traditional medicines, that people who use them prescribed to witchcraft or black magic.

Dr Matsoai, however rubbished these claims citing that those opinions were the result of the effects of colonialism which was imposed by the whites only to sway, the indigenous peoples thinking and make them despise their own ways and beliefs. He added that modern day Africans who use them tended to thrive in their careers and lives.

“These medicines are very powerful as businessmen and women have big businesses after using it. These medicines need passionate and obedient person. It helps to bring more customers but one should not relax because he is using the medicine, it also need hard work. Not only businessmen and women these medicines but also the priests uses them to get large number of congregants,” he explained.

He further stated that most people who use the herbs are working in South Africa and they are working for them. He assured that their businesses are excelling.