Being an established collaborator with millions of streams to their name, it is widely believed that Morena Leraba is deserving of unimaginable broad support.

Without a shadow of doubt, Morena Leraba fits perfectly well like a puzzle piece with African heat and a bearer of South African music to the world, well representing the mountainous Kingdom of Lesotho as his origin country.

On their Facebook page, Morena Leraba, announced that their EP will be coming out later this month and it will be out with a special vinyl edition which will be sold on their Spotify page.

“Meritlhoana is a song on ‘spiritual or ancestral calling’ (for one to become a Sangoma or a healer). Spirituality and its connectedness is found in many societies (old and new) and the inspiration behind penning this song is an ongoing realisation of how Colonialism and its “anthropology” robbed Africans (or the colonised) of their spirituality.

“Christianity straightforwardly labeled indigenous people, their spirituality and relationship with their supernaturalism as bad and ungodly,” read their Facebook page.

Renowned for their successful collaborations, Morena Leraba said, “Collaboration is more meaningful and our debut EP ‘Fela sa Ha Mojela’ is inspired by these collective efforts from dedicated musicians and creatives.”

“Meritlhoana was produced, recorded and arranged by Steve Hogg (alias Vox Potent) in Linden, Johannesburg. Marimba and backing vocals by Thamsanqa Ngwenya. Percussions and Uhadi by Bronwen Clacherty. Bass by Molefi Makananise (founding member of BLK JKS). Lyrics written by Morena Leraba and Thamsanqa Ngwenya. Mastered by Rogan Kelsey in London, UK. Photography by Lesedi Rudolph. Cover Design by Rouleaux van de Merwe.”

Morena Leraba is a genre-defying, psychedelic musician and band from Lesotho priding itself with the ability to creating a fusion of sounds.