BY : Thoboloko Ntšonyane

MASERU – The students employed their tech skills sets to the maximum during a hype of tech activities to come up with the solutions.

The tech-savvy students interacted and instructed the robotic kits to make finished products that heeds to their instructions using computer language.

The co-founder of the Girls Coding Academy, who was the organizer of the week long bootcamp, ‘Maneo Mapharisa said the camp has prepared their students to participate in both local and international competitions.

“A robotics bootcamp is an opportunity for students to engineer robots while learning AI [Artificial Intelligence], visual coding, and machine learning. This Robotic bootcamp was a fun-based yet informative and tactic-learning camp,” she said.

The Girls Coding Academy co-founder further mention that currently, “technology has led to huge progress in our society in both economic and social ways”.

Mapharisa said the students were tasked to design, build and instruct the robots introduced to artificial intelligence (AI). She said at completion of their tasks, they presented their works before an audience.

She said of the 37 participating students, some aspires to become engineers while others are doing it for fun and learning.

The Girls Coding Academy offers the high-end computer programming courses.

The academy encourages and exposes the students to relate directly to Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects.

The training equips students with the skills ranging from graphics, Computer Aided Design (CAD), video production, 3D printings and web-page design.

The Girls Coding Academy offers a distinctive digital education from kids as young as 5 years to 23 years old. The students learn both physically and remotely at their convenient times.

The academy sets out to “equip 80% girls and 20% boys with basic computer skills”.