BY: Thoboloko Ntšonyane

MASERU – While festive season is the time when most people get together with their families and friends and embark on holiday destinations, some are at their jobs.

It is a time when health workers are hard at work to alleviate and serve patients.

These frontline workers remain alert to accommodate patients and sacrifice time they would otherwise spend with their families. 

Healthdirect Pharmaceutical Solutions and Clinic’s General Manager Ntombi Mak’hozonke Mokhesi described the sacrifices the health workers endure to assist and health patients.

Declaring that the “illnesses do not know a holiday,” she said they miss sleeping at times in order to help patients, adding that they serve their clients 24/7.

“We want to be game changers of the health system. We believe the health services should be [offered] 24 hours,” she stressed. 

Also a public health specialist, she mentioned how teamwork and collaborative efforts are critical in their line of work. Mokhesi said they do a holistic care on their patients adding that they boast experienced personnel in different fields of health.

Her experience in the health sector has taught her that sometimes complications result from lack of services.

She is the testimony that not all heroes wear capes. Mokhesi said in the name of call of duty she has left the funeral of her sister mid-way to save a life, a feeling she describes as pleasant.

Due to nature of their work, she said they have to contend with staying far and long hours from their families.

“Our children are going through a lot; our children are really suffering,” she said adding that she sometimes feels bad for having missed their best moments due to call of duty.

Her husband said she understands the nature of her work as he is also in the health sector, with a wide grin on her face she hastened to point out that saving lives is a rewarding experience. 

“I am passionate about my job. I sleep everywhere,” she said pointing to her table that it has also had a fair share of hosting her a “bed”.

Enthusiast health worker smilingly insisted that they “want to be gamechangers of the health system”.

She added that they advise their clients to call them before they come to their facility.

Mokhesi said they do a patient follow-up to monitor the progress of their patients as well as do a peer to peer follow up if they have referred their patient to other facilities.

As the end of year period is when the health facilities experience a peak in the number of patients they accommodate, she assured that it is all systems go to alleviate patients, adding that they have also replenished their pharmacy.

She said her team includes specialists who administer rare medications.