This Fellowship supports early-career Lesotho nationals studying a master’s degree at the University of Pittsburgh. Lesotho nationals interested in submitting an application to be considered for the fellowship should email Dr. Anna-Maria Karnes at

To be considered for the fellowship, you must have admission from one of the graduate schools at Pittsburgh. Please apply to any professional school of your choice for admission into the Master’s degree program. Some University of Pittsburgh professional schools with potential Malmberg support include: the School of Education, the Graduate School of Public Health (GSPH), the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA), and others deepending on your field of interest. Please note that the next Fellowship award will be for the beginning of fall 2022 (AY 2022/23).

•             Applicants must have been accepted to a Master’s program beginning the academic year for which they seek the Malmberg Fellowship by the respective professional schools.

•             Applicants must have completed a university degree.

•             Applicants must be proficient in speaking, reading and writing English.

•             Preference will be given to those applicants at the early or mid-stages of their career.

•             The Fellowship is intended for individuals in the practitioner and policy domains. It is not awarded for basic academic research, academic sabbaticals or medical research.


•             Master’s program application deadline: Please check the deadline for the school and academic year you intend to apply.

•             May 2022: Winner notified

•             May 2022: Winner announced on Web site

•             August 1, 2022: Fellowship begins

•             July 31, 2024: Fellowship ends

Website link to the opportunity;