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Metropolitan Lesotho launches MPower

3.Metropolitan Staff and Keynote Speakers at the eventMASERU- Metropolitan Lesotho last week launched a financial wellness programme ‘MPower’ tailored for companies that are already clients to the financial management and investment company.

The product was launched during the Financial Wellness event by Metropolitan Lesotho aimed at engaging chief executive officers, managing directors, directors, human resource officers, finance managers and decision makers in an informative symposium about health and employee benefits as well as what it really takes to be ‘financially secured’ for the future.


The new product encompasses our pillars which are: My Golden Years, which deals with retirement benefits; My Future Fitness, focusing on financial and physical health; My Money Management, which assists clients to invest for the future and My Life Choices, which assists clients to buy assets of their choice.

Employee Benefits expert at Metropolitan Lesotho, Seenyane Nthejane, noted that the new products will ensure that employees are focused on their job and less worried about their well-being outside the workplace.

He said debts affect the performance of an employee which in turn affects the company performance and therefore, Metropolitan Lesotho, through the MPower products, will take the responsibility off the employer’s hands by ensuring the wellbeing of their employees.

Nthejane indicated that the benefits MPower will have on employees include; improved finance management, free access to financial advisors and reduced financial stress.

“Employers will also get to benefit from this product as there will be no additional costs, improved staff productivity, reduced time-off and less financial requests from employees, where employees ask for salary advances time and again,” he said.

Nthejane also talked about other employee benefits that Metropolitan Lesotho offers to their clients, and these include retirement solutions, investment solutions and risk solutions.

“Risk solutions offer a range of products that include Capital Disability Cover, which pays out a once-off lump sum when an insured member becomes permanently disabled. We also have the Dread Disease Cover which pays out a lump sum which can be used to off-set any financial implications brought about by severe illness,” he said.

He also added the financial security of a person is threatened if they suffer a severe illness as there are a number of costs associated with such eventualities and these include absence from work during recovery, home nursing and also lifestyle modifications.

Meanwhile, Robert Likhang a chartered accountant and motivational speaker encouraged people to work hard in pursuing their dreams. He indicated that it takes courage to forge through the storms of doubt to succeed.

“Courage is not the absence of fear but acting despite fear,” he said. Using bold fish eagle as an example because of its speed and accuracy, Likhang said an eagle sees its target, plans the attack, prioritizes it and then claims it, and there remains no excuses for failure for the preying bird.

He indicated that everybody has circumstances surrounding them but they should not allow them from claiming their targets.

“You can’t move anywhere unless when you see your target, you claim it and financial wellness is one of those targets. Do not suffer from ‘excusitis’ which is a disease where people give excuses for not claiming their target, as financial success of your own children depends on you,” he said.

Likhang also noted that there are certain things one needs in order to get to where you want and “negativity is one of them as it is deadly to the brain”.

“If you want to be successful do what the rest of the world is not doing, its better you outlive your money than for your money to outlive you,” he said.

Metropolitan Lesotho Managing Director Nkau Matete indicated that the company started the event five years ago in the form of a breakfast meeting for their clients. “At this meetings we used to set up platforms where clients lay complains and as Metropolitan we will listen to them and offer solutions,” he said.

Guest speakers at the event included Steed Duncan Smith, Client Relationship Manager, MMI Holdings, Kevin Milne Investment Specialist at MMI Holdings and Gabbi Ruckert Business Development Executive, MMI Holdings. 

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