By Lebohang Maluke

Maseru – The Road Fund Board has proudly introduced its first female Chief Executive Officer, Ms. ‘Matšepang Sekhokoane. She assumed her duties on July 1, 2024, and will lead the organization for the next five years.

Sekhokoane expressed her enthusiasm for the strategic plan that accompanies her five-year contract. This comprehensive plan allows the CEO to chart a clear vision and direction for the Road Fund, ensuring that resources and efforts are dedicated to effectively collecting revenue and disbursing funds for safe road infrastructure.

The Road Fund is committed to enhancing Lesotho’s economy by efficiently collecting and allocating revenue for road infrastructure. Core values, including transparency, responsibility, accountability, integrity, and teamwork, guide stakeholders at all levels.

Board Chairperson Mr. Makotoko Makotoko entrusts Sekhokoane with the responsibility of building upon the legacy left by former CEO Nkeletseng Makara, who served the Road Fund for the past 11 years. Sekhokoane’s extensive 20-year experience in both the public and private sectors, including roles at Revenue Services Lesotho, Lesotho Highlands Development Authority, and the World Bank, makes her well-suited for this position.

As a 46-year-old woman with a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Walden University in the United States, Sekhokoane exemplifies strong leadership abilities. Her expertise spans managing and leading organizational behavior, business operations, financial management, and business strategy.

Furthermore, her multicultural experience equips her to navigate diverse perspectives and foster an inclusive work environment. With a focus on maximizing revenue and operational efficiency, the Road Fund aims to improve Lesotho’s road infrastructure while ensuring effective risk management.

Sekhokoane brings over six years of experience working in a multicultural and multilingual environment. Her enhanced multicultural background equips her with the ability to navigate diverse cultures, understand varying perspectives, and foster an inclusive work environment. Additionally, her strong cross-cultural communication skills enable effective collaboration with global teams while adapting messages to different audiences.

The Road Fund’s strategic plan focuses on maximizing revenue collection to finance road infrastructure efficiently. By optimizing resource allocation and exploring alternative revenue sources, the fund aims to reduce operational costs and enhance overall efficiency.

Operational efficiency is a priority, emphasizing the value derived from organizational resources. Effective performance metrics and management systems help identify areas for improvement, leading to better decision-making and resource allocation.

Risk management is crucial for achieving the organizational mandate. The Road Fund manages complex financial, operational, and regulatory risks. Comprehensive risk identification and assessment, along with ongoing monitoring, ensure timely and effective risk management.

Sekhokoane is also tasked with enhancing stakeholder engagement. Understanding various stakeholder groups—government agencies, private sector entities, and local communities—helps tailor engagement efforts and build stronger relationships. Consistent and transparent communication fosters trust and collaboration among stakeholders.

Under her leadership, the Road Fund will continue its journey, ensuring a steady course toward organizational success. The decision to renew the CEO’s contract is pivotal, considering its impact on long-term direction and performance. The board’s performance assessment will provide valuable insights into leadership effectiveness, guiding future strategic priorities and challenges.