Greetings from Harare

Today I salute the leader in you. I am grateful to God for being in Harare this past week as l had certain strategic missions to attend to in the jewel city of Zimbabwe. Harare never ceases to amaze me because every time I am there some powerful projects are taking off and getting established. It is the home of economic aggression in every sense of the word.

Talent is Never Enough

In the course of my interactions in Harare, l met a once top-notch soccer player who had the potential to become a world-beater. That man had perfected the art of playing football. Most youngsters sang his name and confessed that they aspired to be him when they grew up. Such was his effectiveness in the game of soccer. Sadly his potential died unborn due to the lack of discipline. What a waste of prime talent. The question is how many more people are like him whose talent gets aborted?

You Were Born to Excel

My primary call in life is to build both people and institutions. My heart bleeds when l meet the wasted potential that could have made a world of difference but never got realized. That is what makes me shed tears. My mind gets into overdrive with permutations and possibilities. Unrealized potential is a scandal against God and humanity. We were all born to excel in this life and to be a blessing to each other. Our potential is the reason for our purpose and existence.

Embrace Pain

I know you are already pissed off with the story of the failed soccer star. You are right to feel that way, he failed us all. But then, most of us may look at that soccer star and judge him while conveniently forgetting we are in the same predicament. Only a maximum of five percent of the world’s inhabitants will realize their potential. The reason why many people will never realize their potential is the fear of pain. People are willing to succeed but are not ready to pay the price. Man is a hedonist who loves to maximize pleasure and minimize pain. Sadly success and greatness cannot be achieved without pain.

Life seems to thrive on pain. Consider the pain of looking for the right person to marry. The pain of being rejected by the one you deem worthy and the pain of raising the dowry or lobola. How about the pain that comes with raising the medical bills? As if that is not enough, you will have to endure the pain of raising the school fees, not to mention the examination fees.

Conquered Pain Produces Success

May l submit to you that no man born of a woman will escape pain? You will either embrace the pain of failure or the pain of discipline. Most people who have succeeded in life understand that pain is inevitable. They know that discipline creates unbroken focus and unbroken focus produces success. Muhamad Ali, arguably the greatest boxer who has ever lived once illustrated the power of pain. A journalist asked him how many pushups he did regularly and he answered that he does not know because he only starts counting them when he feels the pain. Pain is what Jesus Christ endured so that we could become his disciples. Sadly there are no shortcuts a shortcut is the longest route to your destiny. The sooner you catch it the better.

Process Builds Character

That is why even God takes you through a process before He establishes you because He knows that a person without a process has no character and cannot stand the heat. That is why you should never wish your process away but grow through it and become a better version of yourself. Success is not to be pursued, learn to pursue character because success follows the person you become. Remember you are the biggest industry God has blessed you with. Therefore be intentional about your growth in all spheres of life.

Your Destiny and Your Pain

Like l said you may live with the pain of failure or discipline. Choose wisely because your posterity will depend on the pain you choose. The pain of success or the pain of regret. All these pains are at your disposal. May wisdom guide you in making the right call. There is nothing called a free lunch, it has a hidden cost or agenda to it. As for free money, run away once they mention it.

Christ the Real Deal

Remember in all your doing that Jesus Christ is the Ultimate leader. Follow Him today and many will follow you. He remains the only sensible entity in a world that has lost its bearings and main North. However, you do well to realize that he attained his greatness because of his capacity to absorb pain. That is why he is the unchangeable changer and uncaused causer. He dominated pain like no one has ever done or will ever do.

In Conclusion

May I throw the leadership gauntlet at you today? Get up, stand up, and define your generation. May history be kind to you since you intend to write it? Rise my leader rise, the world awaits your solutions. Success is an attitude, let us meet at the top where you become the topic. Your time is now and your season is here.