By: Mpho Shelile

Maseru – TRM Holdings (Pty) Ltd officially launches becoming the new authorized distributor of Castrol Lubricants in Lesotho Maseru, Station Area, marking a significant milestone in the country’s automotive and industrial sector.

This partnership is set to enhance the availability and distribution of Castrol’s high-quality lubricants across Lesotho, ensuring that customers have access to top-tier products for their vehicles and machinery.

As a leading global brand, Castrol is renowned for its innovative and superior lubrication solutions, which are essential for maintaining the efficiency and longevity of engines and industrial equipment. The collaboration with TRM Holdings (Pty) Ltd underscores Castrol’s commitment to expanding its footprint in Africa and delivering exceptional service to its customers.

In his opening remarks, Molefi Makhetha, the Managing Director at TRM Holdings (Pty) Ltd, explained the purpose of their new partnership with Castrol. “At TRM, we primarily focus on repairing valves and pumps, serving clients in the mining industry and WASCO. When we saw an advertisement from Castrol, we applied and became one of their distributors in Lesotho.” Makhetha also emphasizes the importance of Basotho using the right lubricants.

Jenny Heyes, Marketing Director at Castrol, expresses her gratitude for the warm welcome received from TRM. She emphasizes that Castrol, with over 125 years of operation, is an iconic brand. Their primary focus lies in industrial and automotive lubricants, offering a diverse range of lubricant applications.

Heyes further highlights Castrol’s partnerships with pioneering businesses in automotive, space, marine, and energy technology contribute to keeping the world moving forward. They proudly sponsor events such as Formula E, the English Premier League, and MotoGP.

She then stresses the importance of innovation and using the right oil in clients’ machines.  Stating that Castrol considers themselves experts in lubricants. Looking ahead, they remain committed to providing exceptional services for the next 125 years.

In closing, Heyes welcomed TRM as a partner of Castrol.

The partnership between Castrol and TRM Holdings (Pty) Ltd brings numerous benefits to the market EnhancedAvailability where Customers in Lesotho will now have easier access to a wide range of Castrol products, including engine oils, industrial lubricants, and specialized fluids.

Through improved customer service, TRM Holdings (Pty) Ltd.’s extensive network and local expertise will provide customers with superior service and support, ensuring they find the right products for their needs. Both companies are committed to maintaining high standards of quality and reliability, ensuring that customers receive genuine Castrol products that meet international standards.

Castrol Business Manager, Dr. Thandekile Madikane states that looking ahead, the collaboration between Castrol and TRM Holdings (Pty) Ltd is expected to drive growth and innovation in Lesotho’s automotive and industrial sectors. By combining Castrol’s advanced technology with TRM Holdings (Pty) Ltd.’s local market knowledge, the partnership aims to deliver unparalleled value to customers.

“We are excited to partner with TRM Holdings (Pty) Ltd and expand our presence in Lesotho,” said Madikane.

“This collaboration will allow us to better serve our customers and ensure they have access to the high-quality lubricants they need to keep their vehicles and machinery running smoothly.”

 He further states that Castrol can be found in almost each and every country within the SADC region, he then mentions that there exists expertise that comes with being part of the family, a lot of support and, he was impressed by the professionalism that TRM showed regarding this whole course, their enthusiasm and the preparedness to take over this new role they being given.

He concludes by recognising the role played by customers in this whole chain, stating that their support and willingness to support Castrol does not go unnoticed. “what I can promise is that we are going to offer you the best that we have got, sell you the right lubricants at the right time, we will also bring in the technical expertise to ensure that everyone is well taken care of.”

The partnership between TRM Holdings (Pty) Ltd and Castrol represents a significant step forward for both companies and the customers they serve. With a shared commitment to excellence and innovation, this collaboration is set to make a lasting impact on Lesotho’s market.

TRM Holdings (Pty) Ltd is a well-established company in Lesotho, known for its dedication to providing high-quality products and services across various industries. With a strong presence in the market and a reputation for reliability, TRM Holdings (Pty) Ltd is poised to effectively manage the distribution of Castrol Lubricants, ensuring that customers receive the best products and support.