By: Mpho Shelile

Maseru – Econet Telecom Lesotho (ETL) makes a significant donation to the Lesotho Defence Force’s (LDF) youth programs.

This is through the Sasai Econet Financial Services by giving funds amounting to M150,000 to the Lesotho Defence Force at LDF Headquarters in Ha-Ratjomose, to boost youth development initiatives.

The Sasai Econet Financial Services Program remains an integral part of Econet’s broader mission to leverage technology and financial services for driving development.

By contributing to the LDF’s youth initiatives, Econet underscores its commitment to nurturing future leaders and entrepreneurs. The program continues to focus on digital literacy, financial inclusion, and entrepreneurship, ensuring that young individuals are well-equipped to navigate and thrive in the modern economy.

Econet’s donation is not merely a financial contribution, it represents a deeper commitment to community engagement and development.

By supporting the LDF’s youth programs, Econet fosters a sense of purpose and direction among young people, encouraging them to take an active role in their communities.

This initiative also highlights the importance of private sector involvement in national development, showcasing how corporations can play a pivotal role in societal progress.”

In his remarks, boot camper Limpho Ntsohi states that ETL, being one of the leading companies in Lesotho, currently offers a comprehensive approach to youth development.

This approach includes training in digital skills, access to financial services, and programs aimed at developing the economy. The holistic strategy ensures that beneficiaries are not only equipped with immediate skills but also prepared for long-term success, highlighting the company’s dedication to positive change in the communities where it operates.

Econet is currently enrolled in environmental conservation through tree planting and conservation projects, including the green Lesotho campaign. This initiative involves planting 20 thousand trees and hosting workshops in schools to educate students about sustainable practices in deforestation.

During the donation ceremony, both Econet and the LDF underlined the significant transformative potential of their partnership.

Lehlohonolo Matee, the Acting General Manager of Sasai and Econet Financial Services, shed light on the company’s unwavering vision of investing in Lesotho’s youth and economy. He further elaborated that through the Higher Life Foundation, ETL focuses on providing educational support to children from less privileged families.

Matee expresses that, “With this partnership, ETL and LDF are unified in their quest to help develop Lesotho and secure a brighter future. Each year, we allocate over 2% of our turnover to the Higher Life Foundation, demonstrating our commitment to investing in the potential of Basotho youth.”

Meanwhile, LDF officials express gratitude for the support, emphasizing that such collaborations remain crucial for sustaining youth programs and achieving meaningful impact.

Major General Matumelo Ramoqopo, Chief of Human Resources and Administration, currently states that if it were not for companies like ETL, they would have to fund such programs from their own pockets. However, they are privileged enough to have the support of such companies.

Major General Ramoqopo expresses her admiration for the significant task that the LDF is currently undertaking. The LDF is actively engaged in mentoring Basotho children from a young age, recognizing the long-term benefits this effort will bring to Lesotho.

Major General Ramoqopo specifically commended the initiative taken by ETL, expressing her genuine appreciation for their dedicated work in this endeavor.

Lieutenant General Mojalefa Letsoela conveyed his deep gratitude for ETL’s laudable initiative to invest in the youth program. He specifically addressed the pressing challenge faced by the program in terms of inadequate infrastructure for the training of boot campers. General Letsoela emphasized the profound impact of ETL’s support in advancing the crucial goal of creating a conducive environment for nurturing the young participants.

Furthermore, General Letsoela underscored the broader vision of the Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) in shaping the character and knowledge of the boot campers. He articulated the aspiration to imbue the youth with a strong foundation of principles and comprehensive understanding of Lesotho, thereby empowering them to become proud and responsible individuals in the future.

In light of this, General Letsoela expressed the LDF’s intent to allocate the donation received from ETL towards the development of enhanced infrastructure. He extended a warm invitation to ETL to witness the fruition of their contribution upon the completion of the new facilities.

As this partnership unfolds, Econet and the LDF currently set a precedent for how public and private sectors can work together to address youth development challenges.

Econet’s donation to the LDF’s Youth Development Program through the Sasai Econet Financial Services Program currently marks a significant milestone in the journey toward empowering Lesotho’s youth.

This initiative not only provides immediate benefits but also lays the groundwork for sustainable development, ensuring that young people are well-prepared to lead their communities into the future.