Deadline: 31 July 2024

TIA is calling for the submission of funding applications for projects that address critical challenges and opportunities within the Biofuel sector.

This call aims to advance the national Biofuel sector by developing technological solutions which are expected to address the country’s commitment to a green economy. Applications are invited from any recognised South African legal entity, including start-up companies, small, medium and micro enterprises, private individuals, science councils and higher education institutions.

Call Specification

The technological focus areas / industrial sectors are as follows:

Seed Next-generation feedstocks: Developing sustainable and efficient technologies for utilising non-food biomass sources, such as agricultural residues or algae.

  • Waste streams utilisation: Development of innovative solutions for utilising waste streams like municipal solid waste residues as feedstocks for conversion into biofuel.
  • Feedstock diversity: Development of technologies for processing diverse feedstocks to maximise resource utilisation and reduce dependency on specific feedstock sources.
  • Process optimisation: Develop technologies focused on optimising biofuel production processes to improve overall efficiency, reduce energy consumption, minimise waste generation and enhance the economic viability of biofuel production.


  • Demonstrate a viable, feasible and sustainable business case.
  • Demonstrate a positive socio-economic impact.
  • Have a proof of concept, viz. an idea that has been proven, tested and validated, i.e. TRL 4 or higher.
  • Must have an industry partner.
  • Applicants must declare all sources of previous funding received from the public sector.
  • In the instance where the application relates to foreign-owned intellectual property, this will need to be licensed or assigned to the applicant before funding is approved.
  • Primary technology development activities must be operated within South Africa.
  • Applicants must attend a compulsory briefing session.


  • Individual applicants must be South African citizens with valid identity documents.
  • Must be registered or in a process of registering with the Companies and Intellectual Commission.
  • Must be registered or in the process of registering on National Treasury’s Central Supplier Database.

For more information, visit TIA.