By: Lebohang Maluke

Maseru – Thetsane Police gather at Sealong Ha- Tikoe, Ha- Thetsane,the focus being on increase in crime rate.

Chief spokesman Tšepo Mosuoe says he called the police because they need the skills and knowledge on how decreasing crimes.

The community needs to protect themselves by ensuring that crimes are properly investigated and prosecuted in essential maintaining a stability.

The engagement of the police can help to uphold the rule of law and send a clear message that such behavior cannot be tolerated.

Senior Inspector Mosito Mokhethi, commends the residents for their bending efforts in combating crimes, acknowledging the role the community’s involvement plays in maintaining a safe and secure society.

“The landlords must always demand the tenant’s testimony letter from their chief of non- committing crime acts.”

Police intervention will help to stop such behavior, protect people and properties in the area.

The theft of laptops and valuables from the shops has devastating effects on the businesses and the owners.

Police can investigate and track all stolen properties.

Late- night alcohol sales contribute to increased rate of crimes and violence in the area, putting the safety of residents at risk.

The police can help to ensure that such activities and property are regulated and controlled.

Community policing forums (CPF) chairman at Ha- Tikoe, Lefu Morie voices his concern about the involvement of security personnel in criminal activities, highlighting the challenge that such behavior imposes on law enforcement and community safety.

Holding such law breakers, including security personnel, accountable for their actions will rebuild trust and create safety to the society. 

Superintendent Tumisang Bereng applauds Tikoe residents for fighting against crimes, requesting that those who witnessed crimes report to the police.

Complaints must be reported to senior officers.