By: Lebohang Maluke

Maseru – Meet Moleboheng Khali, a passionate educator and visionary founder of the renowned School of Crafts Development Lesotho.

With a boundless love for creativity and a deep appreciation for tradition, Khali dedicates her life to preserving and sharing the rich cultural heritage of her homeland through the art of crafts.

As a celebrated craftsperson and experienced lecturer, she brings to her school a unique blend of talent, wisdom, and inspiring students of all ages and backgrounds to explore the beauty and joy of crafting.

She opened the doors to her beloved School of Crafts in May 16th 2024.  Her unwavering passion for creativity and a desire to share her knowledge with other people make the school a hub for inspiration, collaboration, and skill-building for craft across all ages and abilities.

She had 35 students and two classes per day when she started.

“Fashion influences my career, I love fashion designing. I studied Fashion and Design at the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (LUCT).”

Khali declares that she sees fashion as a form of self-expression, which paints the beauty and creativity that lies within her. It shapes her career as a fashion design lecturer and influences daily life. She is looking forward to the fashion show on 7th September 2024 at the Lehakoe Recreational Centre [U1] with the code ‘dress to kill’.

Hosting fashion shows displays creativity and crafts. It is the opportunity to celebrate the journey of the students, to showcase their growth development, and to inspire future generations of fashion.

The stories behind clothes are the struggles and triumphs of the designers, and the pride and sense of accomplishment that comes with seeing their hard work brought to life.

The challenges that Khali faces as a lecturer at her craft school are many and varied, more so on punctuality and student resources. Many of her students struggle with high cost of transport and materials, leading to delays in their arrival or difficulties in completing assignments.

They do not receive any sponsorship from National Manpower Development Secretariat (NMDS).

Khali is able to monitor attendance, assignments, and progress, providing feedback and support to those who are falling behind to encourage them into loving fashion.

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