By: Mpho Shelile

Berea – Global Consultancy Group, a leading provider of business solutions, currently hosts an impactful seminar with the support of Revenue Services Lesotho (RSL), Econet Telecom Lesotho, and Nalane ea Basotho funeral cover.

The seminar aims to support Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) as well as the Berea Community at the Blue Mountain Inn Hotel (BMI) in Berea.

During the event, over 200 attendees—including aspiring entrepreneurs, established business owners, and learners from Khotsong Skills Training Centre—gather to gain insights into the business registration process.

The seminar also provides strategies to help entrepreneurs save money; fostering growth and sustainability within the SMME sector.

This initiative reflects Global Consultancy Group’s commitment to promoting entrepreneurship and economic development within the community. Additionally, it equips young individuals with the skills needed to run successful businesses.

CEO Musa Maema explains that the initiative aims to give back to the community by providing essential services and solutions to address common challenges faced by entrepreneurs. 

Despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the initiative continues to make a positive impact, addressing gaps hindering Lesotho’s economic growth.

After thorough research, it becomes evident that small businesses in Lesotho encounter significant obstacles that impede their growth and success. These obstacles encompass inadequate tools and skills for company management, as well as deficiencies in accountability, budgeting, pricing, and marketing. Mr. Maema emphasizes that “Marketing is a broad term that consists of many concepts, including creating awareness and branding your business, so sometimes people do not know the right way of doing that.”

In response to these challenges, the initiative intends to enlist various service providers, including banks, financial experts and advisors and insurance companies, to deliver comprehensive guidance aimed at fostering the growth of these businesses.

At the event, attendees were given the opportunity to access various paid services for free, including marketing consultation, accounting, business management, and more. The organizers aim to share their expertise and skills at no cost, enabling those in attendance to benefit from services they would typically have to pay for.

There is also a focus on assisting with company registration.

The seminar includes interactive Q&A sessions and panel discussions, offering diverse perspectives and innovative solutions for the common challenges faced by SMMEs.

Additionally, the event provides networking opportunities, allowing attendees to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and industry professionals to foster a collaborative environment for business growth.

During his presentation, Mr. Bokang Motšoari, the COO at Global Consultancy, emphasizes that their company’s primary objective is to assist Basotho to effectively run their businesses.

He stresses the importance of marketing, noting that customers prefer to spend money on familiar products and services. Motšoari advises entrepreneurs to view marketing as an investment.

He also recommends that entrepreneurs should save 20% of their daily income, emphasizing the importance of saving for retirement.

He further explains that many Basotho struggle to distinguish between personal and business matters. To illustrate this point, he cites the example of individuals using business funds for personal gain, highlighting that such actions jeopardize the success of the business.

The seminar is met with an overwhelmingly positive response from participants, with a majority expressing their gratitude for the practical insights and actionable advice presented.

Mrs. Marorisang Maboloka, a driven entrepreneur, lauds the seminar, stating, “This seminar is incredibly helpful.”

Furthermore, Mrs. Mamphile Motsamai emphasizes the invaluable nature of the information provided on business registration and cost-saving strategies, highlighting its direct relevance to her own business endeavors.

The Global Consultancy Group’s business seminar for SMMEs not only delivers essential guidance on business registration and cost-saving measures but also forges a supportive network of entrepreneurs and industry experts.

By equipping SMMEs with the necessary tools and knowledge, Global Consultancy Group plays a crucial role in promoting sustainable economic development and entrepreneurship.