By: Katleho Matamane

Maseru – The president of the law society Lesotho advocate Lintle Tuke announced the new in-house legal aid unit that will freely help Basotho’s less disadvantaged and gender based violence victims with legal assistance.

Speaking at the press conference held in Maseru last week, Adv. Tuke unveils a new in-house legal aid that was formed with the intention of closing gaps in accessing legal assistance to the vulnerable, gender based violence (GBV) victims, women and children.

It is through this unit that the law society will offer advocacy of human rights and give support to the victims. He adds that many Basotho face barriers in accessing easing legal representation due to many factors that includes financial constraints, lack of awareness and geographical isolation among others.

The establishment of this unit within the law society represents a significant step towards ensuring justice for all as it is poised to make a lasting impact in and on the legal landscape of the country.

Civil cases that this unit will deal with include family law matters, property disputes, consumer rights, employment issues and many others.

This unit will work hand in hand with the government and other none profit making organizations, as a unit within the law society, they are open to other NGOs that would like to work with them in making sure that Basotho get the legal assistance they need.

Furthermore, Adv. Tuke clears rumors that law society is against NGOs indicating have zero intention in working against any of the NGOs as they are the ones that register such.

“There is no Mosotho that will be manipulated by such NGOs working as law firm, NGOs have where they have to end their services and that is where law society takes over. All these rumors have to be aware that law society does not make the law, but follows the law made by the parliament of Lesotho,” He concludes.