By: Mpho Shelile

Maseru – Letšeng Diamonds, a significant player in Lesotho’s mining sector, hosts a media engagement session, providing a formal platform to interact with the media.

This initiative demonstrates the company’s commitment to transparency and effective communication within the industry.

Held at Letšeng’s headquarters, the event brings together media practitioners and company executives. The session gives comprehensive insight to Letšeng’s operations, achievements, and future plans, highlighting the company’s crucial role in Lesotho’s economy.

During the session, Letšeng’s CEO Motooane Thinyane, emphasizes the importance of maintaining an open dialogue with the media.

He states, “Our operations have a significant impact on the local and national economy, and it is essential that we keep the public informed about our activities, challenges, and successes.”

This sentiment reflects Letšeng’s dedication to not only economic growth but also social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

According to the 2021 global statistics, Lesotho ranks at 8th largest diamond producer by value, indicating the recovery of ‘some of the best diamonds in the world.’

He emphasizes Letšeng’s operation of the diamond strategy wherein the priority is to maintain strong relationships with local communities, stakeholders, and the entire nation. To support this, they have a three-pronged policy approach involving sustainable projects, worthy causes, and a bottom-up approach.

Thinyane highlights that Letšeng places strong emphasis on education, health, support for small and medium-sized enterprises, and environmental initiatives.

He then presents an in-depth look at Letšeng’s historical background.

The discussion encompasses a wide range of topics, including the latest advancements in diamond mining technology, the company’s impact on local communities, and its ongoing commitment to sustainable practices.

This interaction facilitates direct engagement for represented media with Letšeng’s management team, offering indispensable insights into the company’s strategic approach and its significant influence on the community.

Thinyane emphasizes that Letšeng Diamonds, known for recovering some of the world’s largest and highest-quality diamonds, continues to capture significant attention both domestically and internationally.

Its substantial contributions to the economy of Lesotho, including job creation and support for local enterprises, further underscores its significance.

Tšepo Hlojeng, Letšeng’s Corporate Social Responsibility and Investment (CSRI) and Communication Specialist, mentions in his presentation that they work closely with community representatives to understand and address the needs of the community.

They focus on giving back to the community in a way that genuinely meets their needs, rather than just fulfilling an obligation.

Annually Letšeng sponsors 8 to 15 individuals with full sponsorship for relevant studies. The organization has also established an educational trust to sponsor Basotho youth and provide them with internships.

Letseng Diamonds has seen by way of implementation, projects worth M108 million from 2012 to 2023 in this regard.

The media session also speaks to Letšeng’s upcoming projects to expand operations and improve contribution to the mining sector.

These initiatives are expected to strengthen Lesotho’s position in the global diamond market and stimulate economic growth in the region.