By: Mpho Shelile

The Right Honorable Prime Minister Samuel Ntsokoane Matekane during the launch of the Lesotho Nation Brand in his speech calls Basotho to support the newly launched Lesotho Nation Brand.

Hon. Prime Minister Matekane emphasizes the importance of national unity and collective effort in promoting Lesotho’s image both locally and internationally.

He highlights that this initiative is crucial for fostering national pride and attracting global attention to Lesotho’s as a thriving and stable nation.

Matekane’s appeal is part of his broader vision for economic and social reforms aimed at revitalizing the country’s economy and enhancing its global standing.

He says the success of the branding initiative relies heavily on active participation and endorsement of all Basotho, urging them to rally behind the cause to ensure its success.

”Today, as we stand at the precipice of our nation’s future, I call upon each and every one of you to rally behind a cause that is not just ours, but one that embodies our identity, pride, and aspirations – the Lesotho Nation Brand. Lesotho is not just a country; it is a nation on the rise,” says Hon. Maketane.  

Matekane adds that untapped potential is the cornerstone upon which they can all build a prosperous future.

But for Lesotho to truly prosper as a serious contender on the world stage, “we need all Basotho to stand united behind the Lesotho Nation Brand. In all our numbers, united by patriotism and a shared vision for the future of Lesotho, we possess the power to propel our nation to new heights,” he exclaims.

He says it will take every Mosotho, standing shoulder to shoulder, to give Lesotho the chance to shine brightly standing amongst other nations in Africa and indeed, the world.

“Our time is now. The world is watching, and it is time for us to show them the multitudes of opportunities our nation holds and share our plans and celebrate our goals – which are within reach if we all stand together for one common cause, which is the prosperity of Lesotho,” he says.

He expresses that with the unwavering support for our nation, we embark on a transformative rebranding journey that will not only showcase the breathtaking natural landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant communities of Lesotho but also highlight the immense potential for growth and prosperity within our borders.

Supporting the Lesotho Nation Brand is not just a call to action; it is a deep-seated commitment to actively contribute to shaping the future of our beloved nation, ensuring a thriving and prosperous tomorrow for all its people.

He completes his speech by way of offering high praise to the LNDC for their unwavering commitment and exceptional effort in successfully unveiling the Lesotho Nation Brand.​

In line with his administration’s dedication to addressing issues such as economic recession, this call to action is a step towards promoting a unified national identity. Hon. Matekane aims to pave the way for a prosperous future for Lesotho through this and many other efforts.