By: Reitumetse Mahloane

The Central Bank of Lesotho (CBL) held a forum on the official launch of money month campaign Lesotho 2024, on April 11th 2024, at the Alliance Complex Mohale’s Hoek.

This was done under the theme “Protect your money, secure your future”, people were made aware of the right usage of their money.  Apart from CBL, other financial institutional organizations participated at the event in an effort to give financial education to attending prospects.

These include mobile service providers and banking institutions.

The representative of all pension funds institutions, Mamotlohi Mochebelele, speaks on how critical it is to learn how to protect one’s money against financial scams and fraudulent acts. Initiatives such as this one of the money month serves the goal to impart to the community the right skills on how to keep their money safe.

The representative of Collective Investment Schemes (CIS), Lints’o Mafisa, proclaims CIS as an easy way to secure and invest into one’s future. CIS helps to establish investment funds.

The chairperson of Insurance Association of Lesotho, Mamello Phomane says the association is trusted with insuring the properties and lives of Basotho.

“Money makes people very vulnerable, hence it is important to understand the value of money. I encourage the public to strive for financial literacy at all times, by constantly asking questions and seeking responses from experts,”

She goes on to say, “it is essential to make money conversations simple so that everyone easily understands and respects money.”

Governor of CBL Dr. Emmanuel Maluke Letete says Money Month Lesotho is important for the country’s economy,

“This initiative is meant to make people aware of new ways of saving money.”