‘Mamosa Kobong, the founder of Naleli Pretty Products, is a small business owner gradually making it big in Lesotho’s skincare industry.

Fueled by her passion for business and her entrepreneurial spirit, ‘Mamosa creates products that she is immensely proud of and, continues to innovate in the skincare space despite hindrances that owe to an unstable economy and marketplace.

Her efforts to move and promote her product are beyond commendable given how most small businesses are plagued with a short and often unfulfilling lifespan.

Although ‘Mamosa Kobong did not go on to pursue a higher degree, she has an immense love for business. Before cementing her place and position in the skincare industry, she worked as a hairdresser and sold clothes imported from South Africa (SA).

She was inspired to manufacture her skincare products after meeting a woman who gave courses on the subject, and the name Naleli Pretty Products was born out of her love of stars and how important they are to our emotional well-being.

 Naleli’s promise is healthy and glowing skin. The secret sauce of Naleli Pretty Products is the prickly pear extract they use in their flagship products. Benefits include hydration and smoothing, healthy aging, and even skin tone.

These products are distinctive due to their components and remarkable skin-benefitting properties.

‘Mamosa currently manages operations out of her home in Hamatala. She connects with most of her customers through the Naleli Pretty Products FaceBook page and her WhatsApp line.

Leveraging the power of social media, particularly through the Naleli Pretty Products Facebook page, she continues to forge strong connections with her customer base. Through these platforms, she not only showcases her products but also cultivates an all-inclusive community.

A small business is not without its challenges, one Naleli Pretty Products most accessible aspirations is to consistently produce in bulk and source raw materials locally.

As she continues to pursue her brand’s goals in an effort to realize sufficient capital and access to efficient raw materials for economic use, ‘Mamosa’s determination grows stronger.

Through resilience and passion, ‘Mamosa embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship, proving that dreams are continually realized and entrepreneurship is one major thriving aspect of the economy.