By: Nothembabane Qechane


On March 30th 2024 the Honourable Prime Minister Ntsokoane Matekane launches the Basotho Flea Market at Kingsway road. This a monthly observation space where producers or service providers of the community of commerce converge. It is an opportunity for small businesses to effectively qualify their consumer base.

Mampho Jabane, an organiser of the Basotho flea market says what makes the Basotho flea market unique is that it covers all stakeholders of the sector that do the flea market such as SADP, BEDCO and others.  The shared intention is for the flea market to be observed every month for Basotho to come and show what they produced.  

Basotho flea market is attended by all industry players within Lesotho, including agriculture. The activation started through gatherings and shows that were hosted around the Stadium Area vicinity at the organisers ward. These gatherings started in 2023, in January 2024 their second gathering peaked interest of surrounding communities and that of other wards. This is when the team invested more effort towards capacitating the initiative that now brings together different ministries of the government in the city of Maseru.

Mzondase Tsepane one of the customers says after she heard about the flea market she decided to be there to see what has been produced by Basotho and everything became even more interesting as she arrived at the flea market. “I am really excited to see the range of products Basotho have in one place. Some of the products are new, that is very impressive.”

She admits having not been aware of the application of some products, for instance; seshoeshoe made bags. “I only got to truly love the products even more as I got to see different ways to wear them up or down,” further admitting that she also appreciates the way creativity and peace reflect in how the different participants worked together to make the market a success.”

Specifically she identified and heralds one vegetable brand from Peka, and spices produced by a Mosotho woman who produces even the spices in Lesotho.

This market allows for another stream of income for those that sell their goods at the market as the place offers space for vendors to sell their goods directly to customers; allowing vendors to keep all of the profits from their sales, rather than giving a cut to a middleman.

It’s also a secure space for businesses to connect with new clients, who might not otherwise be aware of their products, further providing a venue for vendors to network with other vendors and share ideas and resources, through word of mouth inspired grape vine.

Beyond this, it helps to preserve and promote Basotho culture by providing a space for traditional crafts and customs to be shared and celebrated in several ways. The market serves as venue for demonstrations of traditional crafts, such as weaving and pottery. This can help to preserve the knowledge and skills associated with these crafts, which might otherwise be lost.  

It also serves as a marketplace for traditional goods, such as blankets, baskets, and jewellery.

Apart from simply making sales, this space creates a unison atmosphere for traditional customs, such as storytelling and music, to be performed, thus bringing the Basotho people together, fostering a sense of community and pride in their culture.