Maseru, Lesotho: Tuesday, 12 March 2024- Standard Lesotho Bank is proud to announce the 14th Annual Standard Lesotho Bank Career Expo, a 5-day nationwide event dedicated to connecting ambitious Basotho youth with exciting career opportunities.

The Standard Lesotho Bank Career Expo is a cornerstone of the bank’s commitment to empowering Basotho youth and shaping the future of Lesotho’s workforce. The 2024 edition of the event is the 14th, where the Bank is now the headline sponsor of this important expo that reaches out to over 10,000 students countrywide.

This year’s expo promises to be even better offering, where over thirty-five (35) institutions of higher learning from South Africa and Lesotho as well as professional bodies will explain different career options to Basotho students. The 2024 career expo kickstarts in Mokhotlong, where the Lesotho Highlands Development Authority (LHDA) will welcome students at the Polihali Dam site. “Students will not only learn about different engineering disciplines but will also get to appreciate engineering in action at Polihali.” Says Manyathela Kheleli, Brand and Marketing Manager, Communications and Sponsorships. He added that this will be a lifetime experience for students from Mokhotlong that will attend the expo, thanks to the collaboration with LHDA, who are fully responsible for the Polihali leg of the event. There will also be motivational speakers from different professions in the Bank and other selected institutions. Key influencers in the football fraternity, former Likuena captain and now Corporate Responsibility Manager at Letseng Diamonds, Mr. Tsepo Hlojeng and former Orlando Pirates dribbling wizard, Steve Lekoelea are amongst the influencers that have been invited to address the students.

The event is a sponsorship initiative under Personal and Private Banking that is open to all youth, communities, and individuals, where the Bank intends to use this event to drive the new Youth or student Customer Value Proposition and attract high school students to open accounts ahead of their enrolment into tertiary institutions.

The objective of this sponsorship is to first create an environment where future leaders of Lesotho will be nurtured and informed of top career choices that demonstrate various skills requirements for the growth of Lesotho’s economy. Secondly, the career expo is a clear demonstration of the Bank’s intention to put youth at the centre of its initiatives. This position is shown by the Bank’s initiative to not only develop special products for youth, such as the Youth Account but also through several initiatives that promote youth empowerment. Such include the bursary scheme and, Bacha Entrepreneurship Project to mention but a few. “We are more than a Bank for our youth, but a good corporate citizen and a partner for education for Basotho. We believe that as we grow our youth, they will become assets to this country and by extension, develop into a feeder market for our banking products when they enter the job market.” Kheleli added.

The Bank has invested M150,000 towards sponsorship of the annual Career Expo which is a career guidance activity organised by Mind Liberation Psychology.

The career expo will take place at the following districts in Lesotho:

  1. Mokhotlong – Polihali Dam Construction site- 18 March 2024
  2. Butha Buthe Community High School – 19 March 2024
  3. Berea Assumption High School – 20 March 2024
  4. Quthing Holy Trinity High School – 21 March 2024
  5. Maseru, ‘Manthabiseng Convention Centre 22 March 2024

In conclusion, Standard Lesotho Bank will be entrenching the SLB brand with the intention that this segment is a feeder to silver and affluent segments of the future using the “catch them young” approach.

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