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These are businesses that have contracted to offer products and services exclusively to club members at discounted prices. These businesses range from beauty spas, salons, restaurants, hardwares, home decors, wholesales etc.


Tailored marketing campaign: the team designs and executes customized marketing strategies across multiple advertising platforms through Informative Newspaper’s marketing strategies and all relevant BAM Group of Companies’ social media platforms to effectively reach your target audience including club members.

Advertising space: every three months, we offer advertising space valued at four times the worth of the shopping vouchers provided. These vouchers are exclusively for our members to experience and enjoy products or service offered at your business.

Exclusive editorial opportunities: we suggest providing our team with a complimentary day to experience your business firsthand. In return, our team produces content showcasing the products or services through the experience of that complimentary day, providing valuable exposure for your brand.

Collaborative promotional initiatives: mobilize branded promotions and events that highlight the distinctive offerings of your business to valued members.

Media coverage at events: your business will be featured on our marketing platforms in the form of an advertorial in exchange for event access, including refreshments for media practitioners for event coverage.

Exclusive event access: at all club and affiliate events, your business will be prioritized as a partner, acknowledging exclusive sponsorship, stall opportunities and/or attendance tickets.

OWN A BUSINESS? Contact us at 2232 7228/ 5183 2386/ 6892 7866 or send us your business profile to club-coordinator@finitemagazine.co.ls to register your business and start enjoying these exclusive benefits today.