By: Nthati Moerane


Kick4life hosts a press conference for a partnership between Kick4life and a sports organisation from Wales. The conference, that was held at Kick4life Centre on March 12th, 2024 – of a new twinning partnership between Wrexham AFC and Kick4life FC in Lesotho will seek to foster international cooperation and exchange between two community focused football clubs that unite Europe and Africa.

Wrexham and Kick4life aim to work together to strengthen their community impact, with coaching exchanges, jointly promoting women’s football, and co-development and delivery of a new ‘football for good’ curriculum covering health, education, social inclusion and employability. Over the next three years, the partnership will reach 3,000 vulnerable children and young people across both community continents. The club twinning builds on a national twinning between Wales in the United Kingdom, and Lesotho in Southern Africa, which was born on at a meeting in Wrexham in 1984, based on the similarities between the two nations related to size, landscape, population, bilingualism and cultural heritage.

The ‘Wales-Lesotho link’ has since seen various collaborative projects, including  educational and creative exchanges, bringing benefits for people in both nations, promoting cultural awareness and understanding, and facilitating a two-way flow of ideas and knowledge.

“The link between Wales and Lesotho, signed in Wrexham meant that when this opportunity was conceived, we had to take advantage of it. We have an overarching goal of connecting the Wrexham community to the world and this is the first step on that journey. I am excited to be attending the launch event and representing the club,” says Humphrey Key, Executive Director of Wrexham AFC.

“This is a truly unique partnership between two football clubs with shared ambition to have a positive social impact in their communities. There is much we can learn from each other and we look forward to demonstrating how two football clubs, in very different parts of the world, can work together to change lives,” claims Steve Fleming, Kick4life Co-founder.

“We are two clubs with different histories, and separated by nearly 6,000 miles, but united by a common commitment to, and connect with, their local communities. Anyone who has watched the welcome Wrexham documentary series will know the enormous importance of the club to the people of Wrexham. And those who are familiar with our work at Kick4life will be aware of our club’s dedication to achieving social change here in the mountain kingdom,” adds Motlatsi Nkhahle, Kick4life’s Country Director.

According to Harry MacDonald, the British High Commissioner, Kick4life has achieved “tremendous things on the pitch and more importantly the ability to change the lives of young people in Lesotho. The partnership with Wrexham AFC brings one of the most exciting football clubs in the world. Working alongside Kick4life means more young people in Lesotho will develop life skills and football opportunities. Wrexham AFC is expanding the proud traditions of Wales and its friendships here in the mountain kingdom.”

Fleming further explains how Wrexham AFC secured seed funding, for the partnership – through a sponsor and, “we are now seeking additional partners to come on board to help us reach more underprivileged people through the power of football. The contexts are very different, but are a range of similarities that span across topics such as gender, social inclusion and employability wherein football offers huge potential to make a difference in both Lesotho and Wales.

“We also look forward to raising awareness of the positive impact of the game.”

As part of the partnership, Kick4life will also oversee the Lesotho Wrexham support club which was launched at a screening of the football League Two match Wrexham v Harrogate at Kick4life’s no.7 Restaurant in Lesotho on Tuesday March 12th.

As noted during the conference, Wrexham AFC in North Wales is one of the world’s oldest football clubs. Purchased in 2020 by actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob MacElhenney, the club has since featured in the Welcome to Wrexham documentary series, including efforts to transform the town’s fortunes, on and off the pitch. Wrexham’s men’s team currently play EFL League Two and the women’s team play in the Welsh Premier Women’s League. The club’s charitable trust delivers a range of community interventions including providing access to football sessions for marginalised groups, tackling anti-social behaviour and promoting gender equality.

Kick4life is a charity and football club based in Lesotho. It delivers a range of football-based programmes for vulnerable children and young people covering health, education, life skills, gender equality and employability. The organisation has also pioneered a number of hospitality social enterprises, including no.7 Restaurant and Hokahanya Inn, which support the sustainability of their charitable activities, as well as providing training and employment opportunities for young people. Kick4life women’s team currently plays in the Lesotho Women’s Super League, having become national champions in 2021, while the men’s team plays in the Lesotho A Division.