By; Nthati Moerane

Climate change and wildlife endangerment are one of the challenges faced by Lesotho. This came to light when a newly founded organization – Green Legacy Project and the Wildlife and Environment Conservation Centre (WECC) collaborated to then be sponsored by the American corner Maseru (ACM).

The youth led organization was inspired and led by youths from the Wildlife and Environment Conservation Centre. Wildlife is about wild plants and animals. The centre was established by Basotho youths early this year. As of February 22nd 2024, the youth led organization kicks off a tree planting project, targeting both Seboka primary school and Lithabaneng primary school. The purpose being to promote good air quality, environmental education, and reduction of air pollutants. The idea for this club came about when the founder visited one of Mozambique’s wildlife conservation which was extravagant and had a great number of tourists. This gave him ideas to combine what he has learned geographically and from his visit to Mozambique to establish this club.

the general secretary and environmental science expert of Wildlife and Conservation Centre, Khotso Mphasi (25), stated that the organization was established to teach people about wildlife safety, advocate limitations of treaties and conventions concerning wildlife and environmental conservation, and to aid effective enforcement of laws such as Land Husbandry Act of 1969 (Government Gazette Vol. IV No 23), Lesotho Environment Act(2008), and SACD treaty of Maputo (1999) governing wildlife and environment in the country of Lesotho.

“As a wildlife lover, it excites me to be part of this project, because knowing that we will be establishing a home for wild animals and working toward reducing climate change crisis makes it easier to attain our objectives,” said Suping Makoaela, one of the youth, founder, and chairman of organisation was part Of the project as a representative of the Wildlife and Environment Conservation centre, but in the official capacity he was overseeing the success of the project.

He also stated that it saddens them to know that there are laws enforced to protect wildlife, but the government of Lesotho fails to do so, instead, allowing citizens to spend more money to visit other countries for wildlife when they can establish their own wildlife centres. This can help in wildlife safety and improve the economy of the country.

One of the teachers, Teboho Lekhotsa, from Lithabaneng primary thanked the Wildlife and Environment Conservation centre for this project, since they are already making their students aware of climate change crisis and how to take care of the ecosystem, this project will contribute and pave way to eradicate some of the dangers towards the ecosystem and the environmental conservation.

As a way forward, the organization will hold a celebration on the 03nd-04thMarch 2024.The first day of the celebration is  the World Wildlife Day, and it will be celebrated at Ts’ehlanyane wildlife centre, and the second day is for the Wildlife Day Symposium, which will be held at American Corner Maseru. The celebration will be themed- connecting people and planet.

-exploring digital innovation in wildlife conservation

-analyse and intergrades the theme.

ACM provided trees to the Green Legacy Project, toward acknowledgement of environmental issues. ACM sponsors projects about climate change, entrepreneurs and others, but for this organization, the sponsorship was regarding the environment.