Lesotho’s swimming association woke up to the death of Head Coach of open water swimming, Mr. Mohanela Malebanye. The incident took place on Sunday, leaving loved ones with a deep sense of shock and sadness.

The Public Relations Officer of the Lesotho Swimmers Association, Mr. Tabane Ramainoane asserted that according to the information they received, the deceased is reported to have been stabbed with a sharp object in one bar in Maseru East adding that an autopsy report is yet to confirm the cause of death.

He indicated that as swimmers in Lesotho they had hoped for more from the deceased especially with his skills that he gained from his Sports and Physical education skills that he got from Cuba.

Mr. Ramainoane said the Lesotho swimmers were also still hoping that Mr. Malebanye will bring change in the swimming games in Lesotho while also taking Lesotho to greater heights as swimming is one of the least supported games.

On his social media page, Mokherane Tsatsanyane from MCT Entertainment wrote “Morena Monehela Malebanye- My brother’s son, rest in peace. It has just been 2 weeks you came back from school after almost 7years in Cuba. My heart is broken. I remember the morning he left for Cuba, as usual he woke me early, knocked on my bedroom window and said, ‘Daddy I’m going to wash SELAILAI before I leave’, that’s how he called my SS Van…”

Mohanela Malebanyane passed on after having studied swimming for almost seven years in Cuba to perfect his craft in swimming. The paper wishes to convey heartfelt condolences for all his loved ones and supporters.