By Lesira Rampa

In the depths of my recollection, I can still feel the first flicker of longing

My feet drowned in quick sand..

A chill of doom jolting  down my spine

My heart in despair , couldn’t withstand…

And hope a sheer mirage at a distant horizon

                 I yearn for a dream whose haunting melody turtures my thoughts

   I am but a ghost in a choir,

My song of pleas unheard by the universe’s attentive ear

Alluring lover, skilled with the art of seduction

Whispering sweet nothings to my soul,

tentalizing yet not mine for the taking

Adversity has me by the lapels

Clinging on with claws so sharp…

Suffocating as I let out a faint cry of helplessness

In this dark room that engulfs me, my next step unveils  barriers and trials near

Blocking paths once clear

Struggling in the darkness where lone and despair are companions

The sun rises – each streak of his rays a reminder

Of aspirations left to wither

Still the world spins

I’ve become a shadow fading into indifference’s backdrop

Bound by chains of vanity

My fragile bud  stands,

Yet its petals tremble, uncertain of the strength to bloom

 O Cosmic artist of destiny!

Let my canvas be touched by thy brush of grace…

With nibble hands restitch this fabric of fate…

I beseech you!