The public is hereby notified that following the lighting ceremony of the National Revival Torch, ‘LEBONE la TSOSOLOSO ea Basotho le Lesotho’ by His Majesty King Lestie III on the 23rd November 2023, the torch will embark on a nationwide tour of the ten districts, beginning from Friday 26th January 2024 in the Butha-Buthe district, where our history as the Basotho Nation begun.LEBONE la TSOSOLOSO will be in Butha-Buthe for three consecutive days, from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th January 2024. It will spend three days in each district until the completion of the tour, which will end in the Maseru district in October 2024. In each district, the National Revival Torch will be received through cultural festivities and prayer sermons, with the leadership of the districts that are the Principal Chiefs, the District Administrators and the Church as the principal recipients.The purpose of the National Revival Torch tour is to take His Majesty’s clarion call out to Basotho in their respective districts, a call for us as a nation to reflect back and remember who we are as Basotho, also reunite as a people, regenerate our patriotism, as well as rebuild our image as a nation, more so as we come to celebrate 200 years of our being as the Basotho Nation. As his Majesty King Letsie III pointed out in his call, the time to begin a new chapter has come. The time to stand together and transform into a New Lesotho is upon us.    


1. Butha-ButheFri 26th – Sun 28th January 2024  
2. MokhotlongFri 1st March – Sun 3rd March 2024  
3.  Thaba-TsekaFri 29th – Sun 31st March 2024  
4. Qacha’s NekFri 26th – Sun 28th April 2024  
5. QuthingFri 31st May – Sun 2nd June 2024  
6. MafetengFri 28th – Sun 30th June 2024  
7. BereaFri 26th – Sun 28th July 2024  
8. LeribeFri 30th Aug – Sun 1st Sept 2024  
9.Mohale’s HoekFri 27th – Sun 29th September 2024  
  10. Maseru  Tour Closure from October into November 2024