You are built for Success


It is an awesome day and week, hopefully it becomes an awesome month for you as well.  I trust your year is coming together and you are growing daily. That is the nature of leaders, we grow daily. We thrive on growth.

Failure is not your portion

The way l understand you is that you were built for greatness and never for mediocrity. Let others be average but not you. Let others become nothing but not you. Failure must be mentioned everywhere but not by you. Let others give excuses but not you. Let others be consoled in failure but not you.  Agree when others fail but not you. You are too great to be relegated to the dust bin of failures. You are too big to be considered average. Average is failure because nobody will honour you. Average is for weaklings but not you. I am talking to you great leader.

Seek Your Main North

Others have tried and failed. Others have fallen and never rose again. But you my leader are a different breed. That is why today I come with your word of hope and action. It’s time to align yourself to your main North. There is treasure hidden in the inner bowels you carry, even creation knows it that you are a seed of greatness. The whole universe is rooting for you to accomplish your full potential and be a nation and world changer.  There is a huge deposit of potential waiting to be unleashed from inside your belly. In order to liberate your greatness walk by faith. Faith is the ingredient you need to navigate this treacherous life. Without faith, nothing much will be actualized.

Walk by Faith

The missing link in your success equation is not connections and networks, neither is it education or exposure. Let me share it with you, the missing link in your life is faith.  Faith is actually the substance of things not yet seen, the evidence of the things hoped for. Faith is what gives mobility to your ideas so that you act on them. Even this whole world is programmed to operate on Faith. Faith is the unbroken conviction that what you are pursuing is a reality and not fallacy.

Faith Breaks Barriers

Faith is what makes you leave your comfort zone so that you enter your zone of destiny. Faith sees the unseen, it hears the unheard and masters the non-existent. Faith is what immortalizes ordinary people to become great pillars of society. It is Faith that made Mark Zuckerberg build Facebook, the Wright Brothers the plane, and Sir Pemberton Coca Cola. It is Faith that makes Israel to have amazing harvest and agricultural produce in a desert. Faith is what made South African born billionaire Elon Musk dream and building a hybrid car. They all called him crazy ten years ago, but his faith in building a hybrid car has made him the world’s richest man way ahead of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and many others who are well known mighty men in finances.

Faith is not day dreaming, it is looking at your dream and taking bold and decisive steps towards it. Faith is never faith without action. Without action nothing ever changes, and nothing ever moves. Faith is what you have when your belief system marries decisive action. Faith and not daydreaming is what you need.

Today l dare the winner in you to stop procrastinating and start pursuing your big hairy audacious goal. God gave you the goal and has wired in you the capacity to action it. Stop looking down on yourself. It’s never about the size of the dog, it is about the fight in the dog that matters.

Don’t wait for a perfect day to start, it will never come. Start taking the baby steps today as you release your Faith through your actions. Never forget that it is a force and a currency which is even recognized in the spirit realm.

Never forget that Christ remains the Ultimate leader. But guess what the reason he became the greatest of all time is that he acted on his faith to liberate humanity from the tentacles of the Devil.

Work it until it works. Faith will propel you to the top as you act on it. May the winner in you rise to conquer. Next Level is a reality.