Once again, homes are shattered,

Families scattered, dreams tattered.

In the midst of conflict, lives are frayed,

A land divided, hopes betrayed.

The echoes of history softly weep,

As the wounds of the past run deep.

But from the ashes, resilience takes flight,

A spirit unyielding, fighting for what’s right.

Children’s laughter silenced by fear,

As they bear witness to injustice, crystal clear.

Yet their spirits endure, strong and bright,

Guided by a vision, a future’s light.

In the face of adversity, unity stands tall,

Voices rise, demanding justice for all.

The world bears witness, with mixed emotions,

As the struggle continues, fueling new devotions.

To heal the wounds, a path must be found,

Where peace and justice on sacred ground,

Where dreams of freedom can finally soar,

And the haunting echoes of Naqba exist no more.

Through perseverance and solidarity’s embrace,

The second Naqba, we seek to erase.

For in the heart of every soul that believes,

Lies the power to rebuild and retrieve.

May hope prevail, and love guide the way,

Leading us to a brighter, peaceful day.

Where generations unite, hand in hand,

Creating a world where equality will forever stand.

Remembering the past, learning its lessons well,

Honoring the stories that time cannot quell.

In the pursuit of justice, let our voices be heard,

For a future where peace can truly be assured.

The second Naqba, a chapter yet unwritten,

May it be a turning point, courage within us bitten.

As we stand together, united and strong,

Resilient in the face of all that’s wrong.

Let us strive for understanding, empathy, and grace,

Creating a world where all find their rightful place.

For in the depths of pain, seeds of change can grow,

And a second Naqba with hope, we shall overthrow.

Israel cannot get away with its murderous ways. 23 000 people have been killed as of today. 80% are women and children. Let’s be on the right side of history. A genocide cannot happen when we see it daily on our screens. Support Palestine 🇯🇴