“Your unconventional weight loss tricks”

By Lesira Rampa

Welcome to the New Year, where exercising does not have to be a gruelling chore and costly diets are a thing of the past. The common idea that shedding some weight is a monumental task is a misconception! With weight loss, it is the little things that matter. Perhaps this time, you will consider not jotting down body transformation resolutions on a note only to toss them aside.

Strength lies not only in the ability to dream but also in the courage to pursue those dreams with unwavering determination.

Netflix, and Stretch

Whoever said exercise should be long and boring should be shanked; adding a bit of fun to it removes the cumbersome nature of exercise. So instead of watching movies or favourite TV programmes for hours alone, try to combine them with exercise routines. The reason why this combination can prove to be effective is because engaging in two activities, one physically demanding and the other enjoyable, can create a mental diversion that can reduce the perception of effort during exercise. And while some may find this strategy distracting, it might just be beneficial to those who prefer to multitask and therefore save time, making it more likely that they will continue exercising regularly.

Indoor DIY equipment

Most weight-loss approaches come with a hefty price tag, from exercise apparel to gym memberships. This time, let us shift towards chairs and bed edges for exercise routines to water-filled detergent bottles for weights. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, one can recycle their kitchen waste into fitness equipment. These are also budget-friendly and environmentally friendly.

Do not cook when hungry.

Sometimes weight loss is not solely about what you are not doing, but what you may be doing wrong. One common mistake that individuals make when trying to shed weight is cooking while hungry. This is because they tend to nibble and eat too much food, which most definitely contributes to weight gain, so it is essential to approach meal preparations with a clear mind. The edge could be subsided by first having an apple or any healthy snack of choice.

Slow down!

Are you a fast eater and badly want to lose weight? You might want to consider taking your time when having your meals. A 2017 study by the Japan Kyushu University states that people who take their time to chew food have better digestion and feel full much quicker than their speedy counterparts. Now, you might be thinking, “How in the world does this little adjustment help me lose weight?” It is true that sometimes it is those small changes that make a big difference in our overall health. Ditching the habit of gobbling down your meals too quickly can go a long way. Nonetheless,  we know breaking habits is easier said than done, so if you need a helping hand, consider pacing yourself with a slow-eating friend during lunch or a family member during supper. Slow down, enjoy every bite, and see the benefit add up!

Ditch the chair

Let us face it: we love our comfortable chairs. Yet there has been a link found between sitting for extended periods and obesity, including other health problems. It is no surprise that those who habitually drive everywhere and sit for longer hours are more susceptible to weight gain. Even if your job requires you to be stationed, try walking more and being active to do other tasks, like walking to your errands during lunch hour instead of driving, assuming they are close by. Small changes like these can really make a difference in your overall health and weight-loss journey. So, let’s ditch the chair and start moving!

Get a support system

Solitude might be peaceful, but there is nothing as exhilarating as a roar of celebration with your support system by your side. Be it your significant other, a friend, or a family member, even on days when the courage to keep exercising wanes, they are the ones who will hold you accountable to your aspirations and shower you with relentless encouragement.

Set realistic goals

When embarking on a weight-loss journey, it is common to be tempted to set intensely high goals. However, we both know that aiming too high might lead to an overall loss of motivation before even starting. Therefore, the trick is to refrain from telling yourself you will work out five times a week; rather, try interval ranges like three to five times a week. Even when you jot it down on your notepad or the goal paper hanging on the wall, it appears less daunting and more achievable.

Weight loss does not have to be expensive or complicated. Incorporating simple and unconventional methods like these can help you achieve your weight-loss goal without breaking the bank. It is time to change the narrative and start achieving what you set out to do. Yes, the journey to weight loss can be challenging, but if you have unwavering determination and commitment, you can reach your goal. Here’s to a bold and impactful new year of healthy and exciting weight loss journey.