Identity Intelligence Coach, Alison Weihe has helped people set free and authentically connect with others by showing them the guidelines to identity intelligence and finding your true self.

It’s time to reflect on “who we became” last year in order to understand who we can become in 2024.

When you uncover your true self, you’ll be able to:

•        Heal old wounds.

•        Set clear boundaries every time.

•        Find purpose and have deeper relationships.

•        Feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin.

•        Stop apologizing for who you are.

Your Achievements in the past mark significant milestones in our lives, serving as a testament to our hard work and dedication. However, their impact goes beyond mere recognition. Let’s delve deep into why and how celebrating our achievements can deepen our identity, how it can shape our personal growth.

Instead of drawing vision boards this year, start drawing celebration boards of what you’ve achieved because it is only in celebration that we deepen the identity we have created. We deepen our WHY. It is only in celebration that we become our future selves.

When we celebrate what we never realised we were capable of and that sets the tone, the frequency of our identity for the next chapter of our lives.

Acknowledging Progress

One of the key reasons celebrating achievements is important is that it allows us to acknowledge and appreciate our progress. Whether big or small, each accomplishment contributes to our personal journey. By taking the time to celebrate, we honor the effort and dedication we invested in reaching our goals. It serves as a reminder of our capabilities and motivates us to continue striving for even greater achievements.

Building Confidence

Celebrating achievements plays a vital role in building self-confidence. When we recognize our accomplishments, we reinforce a positive self-image. Each success becomes a building block, empowering us to take on new challenges with greater belief in our abilities. By celebrating our achievements, we cultivate a sense of self-assurance that extends beyond specific accomplishments. It fans out into all aspects of our lives.

Cultivating Gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful emotion that can deepen our sense of identity. When we celebrate our achievements, we cultivate gratitude for the opportunities, support, and resources that contributed to our success. Expressing gratitude for the people and circumstances that played a role in our achievements fosters a sense of connectedness and humility. It reminds us that our accomplishments are not solely the result of our individual efforts, but in my case in particular, I live my life in tribes, and I am a product of the support, collaboration and collective efforts of others. And so I collaborate with all the tribes that got me “here”.

Inspiring Others

Celebrating achievements not only benefits us individually but also inspires those around us. When we openly embrace and share our successes, we motivate others to pursue their own goals and aspirations. By serving as a role model, we create a ripple effect that encourages others to strive for excellence. Our celebrations become a source of inspiration, fostering a culture of achievement and growth. In a way our followers become our fuel, when our inspiration ignites their courage.

Embrace Moving locations as an opportunity for a new start: View relocation or any significant change as an opportunity for growth and self-discovery. It’s a chance to reinvent yourself and explore aspects of your identity that may have been dormant.  Be graciously bold and courageous, and compassionately curious about your transition. Suspend judgment and activate curiosity and anticipation.

Cultivate Openness to New Experiences: Be open to new experiences and people in your new environment. This openness can lead to finding a community that resonates with your evolving identity, just as Weihe did.

Reflect on Past Lessons, but Don’t Dwell: Reflect on what you’ve learned from your past experiences, but

don’t dwell on them. Use these lessons as stepping stones towards your new journey, not as anchors holding you back.

Build New Connections Mindfully: Actively seek out and nurture relationships that align with your current values and interests. These connections can become a supportive network in your new path.  Alignment to your new vision is crucial for your own process of becoming.

Maintain a Positive Outlook: Keep a positive outlook on the challenges and unknowns you face. A positive mindset can transform challenges into opportunities for growth and new discovery.

Tell your story.

Live in grace, find your voices, tell your story. Untold stories the world needs to hear, to take us all beyond a single narrative into colourful narratives enriched with diversity of life. This is how we heal some of the anguish in the world, one conversation at a time, one day at a time.

By author, coach and identity intelligence expert, Alison Weihe.