One Step at a Time


It is a brand new day and a brand new year to you my leader. I trust you are thrilled to be in this extraordinary year which belongs to movers and shakers. My greatest desire is that when the year ends you will point to your deliverables and not to your excuses. There is so much we are expecting from the leader in you.

Something about Boxing

I cannot help looking at the impact that boxing has had in my short life. I am the product of boxing, I was born by a former National boxing champion who used to have a great name during his era. Sadly I was born in his old age and never had the privilege of seeing my dad fight. However, glowing stories by those who saw him have inspired me to this day. I am not a boxer by the way, but one thing l am is a fighter, and l fight for my destiny and that l cherish. Fighting is like second nature in my world. I have fought to go to school, fought to be accepted, and fought to belong. My life is one heck of a warrior’s life.

Let us honor greatness

That said l have great respect for two-time former world heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua whose millions of fans affectionately refer to as AJ. I love his fighter mindset. The word quit does not exist in his world, I quit is not part of his vocabulary.  He lost his titles to Ruiz Jnr and sought a rematch and redeemed himself. He fought Oleksander Usyk in two matches and lost. He did not quit. He changed coaches and the new coach changed one of his major habits- the footwork so to speak.

A changed habit brings success

This new change by boxer AJ, has brought tremendous success to AJ. He has gone on to post three impressive victories on the trot. This is not a coincidence.  This has nothing to do with luck or poor opposition. It has everything to do with strategic thinking and planning. This is why once again he is poised for a shot at the heavyweight boxing championship of the world. He is on the brink of historical greatness.

Decide the habit to change

As alluded to earlier on, Joshua has become a serial winner again. The thing is he changed one habit. That one habit has propelled him to the top once more. The year 2024 has just begun and you need to go to the next level. You do not change your status through wishful thinking but through practical actions. My submission to you is that you must change one habit and it will yield tremendous results for you. The secret lies in your reflection. Sit down by yourself and do a practical evaluation of yourself. If you are as honest as you should be, you will choose that habit and deal with it decisively.

Facts do not lie, mind them

When you change one habit at a time you will get success rate between 85 and 95%, if you change two habits at a time you get a success rate of 35% but if you’re changing three habits at a time your success rate reduces to 10%. The secret is in limiting the number of changes to be effected at a time.

I trust you are smart enough to pick one habit at a time and maximize your success rate this year. Stay focused on one big habit and that is your game-changer this season. Life is not magical, it is intentional. The more you work it, the more you can measure your expected outcomes. Facts are your useful allies, you need to use them to help your decision-making process. They enhance the quality of information at your disposal.

 Action will liberate you

Christ remains the ultimate leader. Follow him and many will follow you. Remember this year our key word is action. Let’s avoid oversleeping this year as if we are competing with the dead. Nobody will ever reward us for sleeping. When we are sleeping, serious transactions are busy being affected by the least of the people you can imagine.  Faith is not Faith without action, will bring you zilch. Until you act on your faith, you are as good as someone who doesn’t have it.

Respect the process

Next Level is a reality. We will make it so by dealing with one habit at a time. You will choke if you decide to swallow a whole elephant, which is not how you do it, learn to cut it bit by bit and piece by piece. One step at a time and you will get to the top. Let’s meet at the top, as you keep on keeping on. May the leader in you rise to conquer this year.