By: T’soloane Mohlomi

Vodacom Lesotho recently awarded Mr Tsotang Mphethe a cheque worth a staggering M1million as the overall grand prize winner in their Vodacom Mega Jackpot competition.

 The awarding ceremony was held at the Sefika Complex in Maseru.

The competition commenced last year with a grand prize at the time of over M200, 000.00 but subsequently rose to a cool 1million, this after gathering massive support from customers and the public alike.

 This is the first time a local based company has ever awarded customers in a competition money totalling to such a prize, and this was done as a means to give back to the community who made the competition possible by purchasing and using the products and services provided by the telecommunication giant.

Other winners of the day were Teboho Matšepo Khunonong who won M50, 000.00, Maletamo Letamo who won M30, 000.00 and Mashalane Ts’ita who walked away with a cash prize of M21, 000.00. Besides these competition winners the public on the day were also afforded an opportunity of winning prizes in a staged raffle competition.

Speaking upon receipt of the cheque, a teary Mphethe thanked God for being the lucky winner of the grand prize after taking part in the competition. He thanked Vodacom Lesotho and said he was lost for words to express his gratitude to the company and the many good deeds it was doing for Basotho.

“I started playing this competition ever since it started, this isn’t my first time playing. I don’t have the right words to describe the joy I feel and the nature of Vodacom Lesotho. I don’t know how to thank Vodacom Lesotho enough, all that I can say is that Vodacom Lesotho is the champion of champions,” he said.

“It would not be right of me if I didn’t thank the Lord, my God Jehovah. The Prophet Isaiah says, ‘look to the skies and put your trust in the Lord your God and you will always have strength, you will fly high like an eagle and you will have everlasting peace. ‘With those words I would like to thank and wish Vodacom Lesotho a long life.”

Vodacom Mega Jackpot Competition manager Mr T’sepo Thabisi said that the competition had grown in leaps and bounds since inception late last year, and said due to it doing so well it reached the enviable position it was on the day where one Mosotho citizen walked away with a million maloti.

“The Vodacom Mega Jackpot competition was launched in September last year, and with an entry of just M5, an individual stood a chance of winning a cash prize ranging from M1000 to M200, 000.00. A lot of people as you might have seen have already walked away with quite a number of M200, 000.00 prizes and others.

‘’This event is the pinnacle of this competition with this grand prize which was won today, because initially when we started this competition we had envisaged a maximum cash grand  prize of M200.000 but due to the support we received from the public this competition grew to this stage where it is now a million maloti.”

The ceremony was marked by various performances which included prominent musicians Ntate Stunna and Nthaby Sings and  performances from rapper Juvy followed by a comical show from local comedian Makhubelu.