By: T’soloane Mohlomi

King Letsie III recently marked the rebirth of the Basotho nation by igniting a signatory light during a ceremony held at the Royal Palace in Maseru.

The ceremony was attended by the Rt Honourable the Prime Minister Samuel Ntsokoane Matekane ,  select members of the cabinet, members of diplomatic missions, members of international organizations and various stakeholders alike.

Done through Project RE; which is a governmental project launched with the aim to inspire and lead Basotho to reconnect with their founding values viewed to have been lost overtime and to reunite the nation for a better Lesotho.

 The act was done as part of activities leading up to the official celebration of Basotho’s 200 year anniversary which will be observed next year, since king Moshoeshoe I formed the Basotho nation.

 The commemoration next year also aims to encourage a sense of oneness and cohesion within the nation and its citizens at large. The iconic light made of wire was hand sculptured by renowned artist “at the Morija Museum and took the shape of a horn most synonymous in African Tradition where the horn was used to contain medicine to be consumed by an ailing individual.

The Basotho nation was explained to be the ailing individual in this regard and needs most of the healing due to the heinous acts which seem to plaque the country in recent years.

Speaking at the ceremony H.M King Letsie III said that Basotho needed to reflect back to the core values which founded the nation as they had undoubtedly lost their way. Making reference to murders and violence which continue in the country, he said in was indeed time to introspect and look at what could have possibly gone wrong as this was now a time for a new beginning.

“My fellow countrymen, Ladies and gentlemen, you will recall during this past month when we were celebrating 57 Years of Lesotho’s independence we also kicked off this journey of celebrating 200 years since His Majesty king Moshoeshoe I founded the Basotho nation, it was proclaimed that all Basotho in all their denominations and unions were at liberty to contribute in the celebration of this great celebrations.

“Heeding this call today Project RE in collaboration with other government organs and ministries have invited us to the unveiling of the light of renaissance. I would like to laud Project RE for this initiative as they have displayed great patriotism to Lesotho and showed compassion to the Basotho nation in general.

“Even though we only now commemorate this occasion by words, you can all bear witness to the fact that a lot of Basotho distraught because of the devastating circumstances they live under each day.  Lesotho, the land of our fathers has turned into a land of killings, a land of war, a land of discrimination and terror.

“You have shed your value and honor. By igniting this light of renaissance I pray to God to show us the way back to our roots as the nation of the great King Moshoeshoe. These roots which I mention are the roots which you know, the roots of peace and love,” he said.

He further thanked everybody that was present at this momentous occasion to bear witness to the simple yet important ceremony, saying that the light which he ignited on the day (the national revival torch) was a monument that was meant to be a beacon of light on the nations journey of revival which it began fourth width.

He said the torch was meant to light the people’s hearts, and ignite within the nation a new sense of purpose and passion for building a new and better Lesotho for all moreover during this critical period in the nation’s history as it prepares to enter the third century of its existence.

His Majesty added that it was a time that the nation should pause and thank the almighty for his love protection and guidance up to this day.