1. The IDM CE & RD Mr Samkelo Lushaba, Botswana Assistant Minister of State President Hon Dumezweni Mthimkhulu, Lesotho Minister of Education Hon Ntoi Rapapa, and Eswatini Minister of Public Service Hon Maphalaleni MP Mabulala Maseko, , IDM Board Chair Mrs Gaone Macholo
  2. Lesotho Valedictorian award recipient Ms Phalla Agnes Thelingoana
  3. Hon Ntoi Rapapa, Mr Samkelo Lushaba, Lesotho Campus Acting Country Director Mr. Thibeli Molapo with IDM Lesotho Class of 2023
  4. Education Minister Hon Ntoi Rapapa with Lesotho Campus Acting Country Director Mr. Thibeli Molapo

Institute of Development Management (IDM) 17th Joint Graduation Ceremony for Botswana, Lesotho, and Eswatini Campuses.

In a remarkable celebration of academic excellence and the pursuit of greatness, the Institute of Development Management (IDM) last week Friday hosted in Botswana, a joint graduation ceremony for its Botswana, Lesotho, and Eswatini campuses. The momentous event brought together graduates from diverse backgrounds and cultures, united by a shared commitment to fostering positive change in their communities. The ceremony not only marked the end of years of academic dedication but also emphasized the transformative power of embracing a mindset change.

The joint graduation ceremony, held in a spirit of regional collaboration, underscored the interconnectedness of the three nations. Students from Botswana, Lesotho, and Eswatini, representing a mixture of cultures and perspectives, came together to celebrate their achievements and collective journey through the Institute of Development Management. The ceremony embraced the idea that positive change knows no borders and is fueled by collaboration and shared vision.

The IDM Chief Executive & Regional Director Mr Samkelo Lushaba welcomed distinguished guests, official country representatives from the three nations and all present in the hall, giving emphasis to the students and parents. He delivered a powerful keynote address centered around the theme of mindset change. Clarifying the Tri-Nation Celebration, Lushaba said IDM rotates its graduation around the three countries. He gave gratitude to the organizing team and all who ensured the success of the event. He said the day marked the world’s new and endless opportunities adding that whatever their decisions then, they must pursue their dreams, pursue their passion. 

He said to the class of 2023 their lecturers and parents have worked hard to see them succeed. He encouraged the graduates to go on and support the employment creation sector in their respective countries. He urged them to go out there, show up, achieve, make a difference, unapologetically claim their position, hold their heads high and importantly have fun as the world awaits. In the end, Lushaba congratulated the 1,500 students who were receiving their Masters, Bachelors, Postgraduates, Diploma and Certificates he further wished them the best in their future endeavors.

The ceremony was graced by the presence of Botswana Assistant Minister of State President Honorable Dumezweni Mthimkhulu, Lesotho Minister of Education Honorable Ntoi Rapapa, and Eswatini Minister of Public Service Honorable Maphalaleni MP Mabulala Maseko, showcasing the vibrant traditions and heritage of each nation. Traditional music, dance performances, and ceremonial attire added a colorful and meaningful dimension to the event. The incorporation of cultural elements underscored the importance of preserving and celebrating the unique identities of the graduates.

In his keynote speech as guest speaker, the Assistant Minister of State President Honorable Dumezweni Meshack Mthimkhulu emphasized that it is evident the higher education sector is faced with the plight of skills match, rising unemployment rates among the youth population and education sector both regionally and globally. He challenged IDM to prepare learners on aspects of employability and the world ahead. They must in the end be able to offer others jobs in the near future. Job creation must be viewed as a joint initiative by all. He asked the graduates that as they prepare to the world of entrepreneurship the key to unlocking a world of endless opportunities is by embracing change in their mindset and to become winners they must keep going. To always remember that their inability to embrace change may lead to missed opportunities.

During the ceremony, Ms Simelani from Eswatini campus delivered a Valedictorian speech which reminded the graduates that their education was a rehearsal of life they are yet to live and the graduation day marked the victory. She asked them not to celebrate only but reach for the stars. Whilst countries face economic challenges there are some opportunities awaiting to be claimed. This is time for them to embrace mindset change and achieve greatness. The other mindset they ought to change is of living in the comfort zone, their time is limited so they must not waste it living other people’s lives, they must have the courage to live their lives. As they were turning new pages in their lives they must be prepared to be game changers.

The highlight of the ceremony was the conferral of Masters, Bachelors, Postgraduates, Diploma and Certificates upon the graduates. As each student walked across the stage, the collective pride of the three nations resonated in cheers and applause. The moment symbolized not only the academic accomplishments of the graduates but also their potential to achieve greatness and contribute meaningfully to the development of their respective countries as said by the previous speakers.

In recognition of the graduates who demonstrated exceptional commitment to mindset change and innovation, student awards and prizes were presented. Maitumelo Tsametse (Botswana), Phalla Agnes Thelingoana (Lesotho) and Welile Simelane (Eswatini) were the Valedictorian award recipients.  The Valedictorian awards celebrate three graduates from all campuses for having exhibited a forward-thinking approach, a willingness to challenge the status quo, and a dedication to making a positive impact in their communities. In addition an Excellence Award by the Institute of People Management was presented with the final award being a Regional Director’s Award.

The joint graduation ceremony of Institute of Development Management campuses in Botswana, Lesotho, and Eswatini was a celebration of academic achievement, cultural diversity, and the transformative power of a mindset change. As these graduates move forward, they carry with them not only their diplomas but also the collective aspirations of three nations, united in the pursuit of greatness and positive impact.

IDM CLASS OF 2023 Lesotho in Numbers

  • 180 IDM – Total graduates in Certificates and Diploma.
  • 29 – CIPS Certificate in Procurement & Supply
  • 21 – CIPS advanced Certificate in Procurement & Supply
  • 38 – Certificate in Emergency Medical Care
  • 47 – Diploma in Human Resources Management
  • 22 – Diploma in Accounting and business studies
  • 11 – Diploma in Procurement and Supply
  • 11 – Advanced Diploma in Procurement & Supply
  • 1 – Professional Diploma in Procurement & supply